Moving on to Part 2 of my Eyeliner Diaries. If you missed out on the first instalment, please head over here now.


For week 2, I played with 7 new eyeliners! There are a mix of felt tip pens and brush tip liners.


Day 1: Stila Stay All Day Water Proof Liquid Eye Liner

This is the closest replacement of the Japanese eyeliners that I am very familiar with. As a result, I think Stila’s Eye Liner is my top favourite from the entire stash sent by Sephora. The felt tip is sturdy and fine, allowing you to maneuver cautiously to draw a thin, precise line. The product also glides smoothly, without smudging and is long-lasting when applied on top of my eyeshadow primer! My oily lids were almost smudge-free for the entire day.

Day 2: Eyeko London Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner

Whilst Eyeko London is not a well-known brand here, you may wish to know that this product is Alexa Chung’s make-up essential and the pen helped her create her signature dramatic cat eye.

I am happy with this jet-black felt tip eyeliner, which I think is a close substitute of the Stila product. The nib is a little bit thicker, which makes it harder to create a thinner line, for those who prefer a subtle eye makeup.

However, if you are a frequent cat-eye wearer, this affordable eyeliner would be purrfect for you!


Day 3: Dior Addict IT-Line

I thought I could cheer myself up on hump-day with a cute eyeliner from Dior Addict line. Does the dainty packaging remind you of the famous Dior Addict lip stick? I love the elegant packaging!

But alas, my pleasant experience stopped short here. The brush tip is very hard to control and it was pretty much a smudge-fest morning for me.

I ended up removing the liner and reached out for my familiar felt tip pen instead. Sorry Dior, the IT-Line doesn’t work for me. And I heard it ain’t water-proof either. (Grimace!)


Day 4: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner (in 2 Diamond Black)

Given that the weekend is nigh, I decided to be a wee bit playful by opting for a black eyeliner with some sparkly bits. Yes, that’s the Makeup For Ever Aqua Liner in the above picture.

The colour is actually not very intense – in fact the formula felt slightly watery. The tip is easy to control, to achieve a neat line but for those who prefer a more pigmented shade, this might not be ideal.


You might be able to see some subtle glitters on the eyeliner!

Day 5: Lancome Artliner 24H in Jade 

This is very similar to the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner! Both have similar tip and similar formula. I have this Artliner in both Black and Jade. I like the tip, and the formula of this product is slightly different from the felt-tip pens. It is gel-like and doesn’t smudge, once settled, they can be rubbed off easily with make-up remover. Queer but interesting!


Jade is a deep shimmery green shade, which is great on its own, or to pair with another black eyeliner.


Day 6: Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Liner + Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner (Midnight Cowboy)

As it was Saturday, I decided to go bold with a glitter eyeliner, paired with another black eyeliner.

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Liner is not just another felt-tip eyeliner, as it contains lash growth serum which could help cultivate longer eye lashes. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I think I could sense slight difference in terms of the length of my lashes. I hope that observation wasn’t a hallucination.

The eyeliner pen is a nifty product but my only qualms is that the colour wasn’t very pigmented. I had to draw a few times to get a decent dark coloured line but for those who opt for subtlety, I guess you wouldn’t mind.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner is beyond beautiful! Essentially a little tube of glitter gel, the thin liner brush helps to line your lid with glamorous glitters. You could apply this on your water line for a really “bright-eye” effect.

I don’t see myself using this often, but I could apply it on top of eye shadow as well to add some glitter effect. This product is a nice-to-have, if you need to create interesting eye makeup for special occasions.


This was a good exercise to get me acquainted with different types of eyeliners in the market! I wouldn’t say that my preference has changed – I would still stick to my favourite felt tip pens – but I found some accidental gems along the way. Amongst the stash, my favourites were the eyeliners from Stila, Marc Jacobs and Eyeko London. Lancome Artliner was a pleasant surprise as well!

I hope these diaries were helpful to you in one way or another!

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