In conjunction with their launch in Singapore, Hong Kong-based juice cleanse programme Punch Detox and Flutes at National Museum of Singapore came up with a juice pairing menu for a blogger session. This menu is not available for public (unfortunately) but I thought this was such a novel idea to inculcate healthy food and diet!

Here’s a run-down of the menu, just to share my experience. Perhaps some of the restaurants here in Singapore can considering coming up with such a special menu for the public.


Item 1: A Jar of Citrus Quinoa with Spiced Pumpkin and Herb paired with Punch Detox’s Citrus Punch

This Citrus Punch is the first juice that kickstart the programme. It is very tasty and comprises of lemon, cayenne pepper, ginger, agave nectar and filtered water. You would be surprised how cayenne pepper spices up your juice and excites your taste buds. Fortunately for me, the ginger taste is not too overpowering as I am not a fan. The Quinoa was light, refreshing and complemented well with the drink. In particular, I like how the slightly heavier spiced pumpkin actually blended well with the zesty cayenne pepper.


Item 2: Cucumber Jelly with Apple Salsa, Pomegranate, Flax Seed paired with Green Punch


The cucumber jelly dish was very refreshing whilst the Green Punch, which consists of celery, kale, parsley, green apple, cucumber, bitter melon and spirulina, had a more overwhelming flavour.

Green juice is essential in a juice cleanse programme – which is why the “higher levels” of the detox programme usually comprise of more green juices. I am not a big fan of green juices but this Green Punch was palatable.


Item 3: Beetroot, Mint and Goat’s Cheese Tartlet paired with Red Punch

I wish the tartlet was bigger with a stronger flavour. Red Punch was almost a doppelganger of our familiar “ABC”, which comprises of red apple, beet and carrot, as well as orange, ginger and goji berry. I wished there was no ginger in the juice because the taste was quite overwhelming for me. A more substantial food item would have helped to neutralise the juice somewhat.


Item 4: Pineapple and Lime Teacake paired with Fruit Punch

This was my favourite – the tea cake was very tasty and the sugar crystals (or was that lime crystals) sprinkled on top of the cream gave a good crunch. Fruit punch, which contained pineapple, lime, watermelon and acai berry, was a fruity delight as well.



Item 5: Avocado and Chimichurri on Rye Crostini with a Soft Boiled Quail’s Egg paired with Gazpuncho Punch

Item 5 was interesting because the “juice” – Gazpuncho Punch – was served in a soup bowl. It’s queer drinking cold soup but Gazpuncho Punch is unique as it is a savory juice with a good bite. This is also one of the differentiating factor of Punch Detox – as most juice cleanse programmes do not offer such a similar juice. Gazpuncho comprises of tomato, cilantro, sea salt, olive oil, cucumber, garlic, cider vinegar and cayenne pepper. Sounds like ingredients for a wholesome soup!

It was especially enjoyable when paired with the dish – which was rye bread spreaded with a generous serving of avocado and soft boiled quail’s egg. Bread and soup are always a good pair and the refreshing taste of avocado helped to neutralise the savoury flavour from garlic and vinegar from Gazpuncho.


Item 6: Almond Milk Panna Cotta with Poached Rhubarb paired with Nut Punch

The last item is another dessert. Nut Punch (or nut milk) is a standard in a juice cleanse programme – and I believe one of the most delightful juice of the entire programme (the other crowd favourite in a juice cleanse would be coconut water). Comprising of raw cashew and almond – and in Punch Detox’s juice, they added cinnamon, sea salt, agave nectar and filtered water – the objective of this juice is to provide energy for the programme since there is no food intake.

Given that the Nut Punch is “heavier” since its main ingredients are the nuts – with some nut bits for additional bite – the texture of the dessert was light and smooth. The pannacotta was fluffy and reminiscent of local soybean curd.

Verdict and thoughts:

Overall a pleasant and novel tea experience! For those who are concerned about the lack of food intake in a juice cleanse programme, perhaps you could also come up with your own pairing menu, with some light and simple healthy bites to go with the juices.

I have went through a juice cleanse programme in April this year and I thought it was surprisingly easy to survive on all the juices with no food intake for 3 days! After all, you have to consumer 500ml of juice every 2 hours. You could actually feel full from consuming liquid.

I chose the Level 1 programme from Sana Cleanse and I think the taste of the juices is the main determinant to completing the programme. The juices from Sana Cleanse were tasty and I am delighted to see that Punch Detox’s juices are similar to Sana Cleanse in terms of taste and ingredients. Punch Detox was the first juice cleanse programme that started in Hong Kong and a friend of mine who was based in Hong Kong got started on juice cleanse because of their juices!

The effects of juice cleanse is not so much weight loss, in my opinion. Most importantly, it taught me how healthier or cleaner food options actually contribute a lot more to your well being. For instance, I realised that I didn’t need coffee to stay alert at all, because the juices and my cleaner body system made me rid away of lethargy and made me feel more energetic. The juice cleanse could also whet your appetite slightly such that you wouldn’t feel the need to snack or ingest oily food once you complete the programme.

In short, I would assure you that juice cleanse is actually a fun and easy programme to accomplish – provided you select a provider that offers juices that suit your tastebuds. I would recommend both Sana Cleanse and Punch Detox if you are considering to start the cleanse. Don’t give yourself too much stress over the food intake. If you feel like snacking, just go for a light, healthy food option and enjoy the juices.

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