I learnt a new coffee recipe from Nespresso last week.


The Crème Brûlée Cappuccino, which has lightly burnt layer of sugar just like the traditional dessert.


  • Pour salted caramel syrup into the milk.
  • Heat the milk and froth it with the Aeroccino milk frother machine.
  • Prepare the Espresso (of your choice) into the milk.
  • Sprinkle a spoonful of caster sugar on top of the milk froth.
  • Torch the top layer of the froth.

Check out Instagram video for the steps on how to prepare this delicious coffee. I love the pleasant surprise of biting into the burnt sugar layer while enjoying the coffee. It’s a very innovative idea to spice up our coffee creations. For more interesting coffee recipes, check out Nespresso site for their “Ultimate Coffee Creations“.

Nespresso will be running a #NespressoAndMilk Recipe Social Media Contest.

Simply share your white coffee creations and stand a chance to win a Nespresso Milk Solution Coffee Machine! The contest starts on 29 September 2014, and will take place for 4 weeks. Each week, coffee lovers will be tasked to create their own white coffee recipe with a special ingredient. Simply upload the photo of your white coffee creation onto the Nespresso mini site or hashtag #NespressoAndMilk and #NespressoSG (on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) with the ingredients and recipe steps.

At the end of each week, Nespresso will choose a winning recipe based on the recipe’s quality and originality. There are a total of four Nespresso Coffee Machines to be won.

I guess it’s time to start brainstorming on the killer recipe before the contest starts!

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