The BB Cushion is probably one of the most IN thing now in the makeup scene crowded with BB, CC and even DD cream and numerous permutations of makeup and base products.

This “Uniquely Korean” beauty invention is a more compact version of BB cream, which helps to dispense a liquid version of BB cream that provides a light coverage on the skin and can be carried around in the handbag.


(left) PureHeal’s Propolis 27 Cover Cushion, Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control


The BB cushion are typically packaged like a compact foundation, with a two tier layer. The top tier is where the high density sponge puff rests on, and the bottom layer is a sponge packed with BB liquid. Just touch the sponge puff gently on the cushion to pick up some liquid and apply on the skin.

In general, BB cushion products give decent coverage and in terms of texture, they are lighter than BB creams. Similar to BB creams, they are a hybrid of base and foundation products that I would apply some loose powder over my oily skin. I like the dewy and radiant finish but due to the liquid nature of the BB cushions, the white casings get smudges and the puffs get stained by the product quite easily.

PureHeal’s Propolis 27 Cover Cushion (S$43) 

Propolis has anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties. Formulated with 27% propolis, the PureHeal’s Cover Cushion is able to soothe sensitive skin, providing UV Block (SPF 50+ PA +++), whitening and anti wrinkle functions. Only one shade is available for this product.

The sponge pad picks up quite a lot of product at one go but application was a breeze and coverage was decent and long-lasting.

PureHeal’s products are available at Sephora stores here.

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control (S$59 including an additional refill pack)

The Laneige BB Cushion has launched a Pore Control version that has excellent sebum control feature. This works quite well for oily skin types and keeps my face relatively shine-free by the middle of the day. However, the dispensing of the product is an issue as I had to press the cushion a few times before I could get suitable amount of product on the puff.

The texture is lighter than PureHeal’s and coverage is medium. There are also 5 shades to choose from.


To cushion or not to cushion?

The formula of BB cushion and BB creams are essentially similar. However there are lesser amount of product in the BB cushion – essentially part of cost goes to the packaging such as casing, cushion mechanism etc.

In terms of texture, the BB cushion is liquid and therefore lighter. When applied using the high density sponge pad provided, finishing is smooth and almost flawless. The application and finish of BB cream, on the other hand, is dependent on the user and the brushes used. I do feel that the liquid formula works well for me and I appreciate the dewy and natural finish of the BB cushion compared to similar BB creams.

My only qualm on this new product innovation is the hygiene factor. As mentioned earlier in this post, the casing and sponge puff gets stained and smudges very easily. And you will need to replace the puff, or wash it regularly, else I would imagine that it would be unhygienic and therefore harmful to the skin.

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