If you were to ask me which is my denim du jour, I would not hesitate to introduce you to Uniqlo.

Indeed, there are many cult jeans labels out there. But in my opinion, many of them could not hug the Asian curves as well as Uniqlo Jeans (UJ). I often run into problems with European/US cut which hangs too loosely at the waist, but fit just right at the hips. With UJ, this issue is non-existent.

This Fall/Winter, the Japanese retailer had a refresher on their denim offerings, including some new styles for the season. And I thought it’s apt for me to introduce to all of you my “go-to” denim brand again.


There are 3 basic cuts of Uniqlo denim collection for women.


I have jeans in all three cuts. My favourite is the Ultra Stretch, which I had waxed lyrical about when it first launched years ago.


(left) Regular Fit Straight vs Ultra Stretch.

As you can tell, even the Regular Fit Straight (S$59.90) cut is an elegant slim fit, suitable for ladies who are looking for a flattering pair of jeans that doesn’t hug their legs too tightly. However, my favourite pair of jeans is the Uniqlo Ultra Stretch  (S$59.90) which hugs very well without compromising on comfort, and give a nice illusion of slim and long legs!


Can you tell which is Regular Fit and which is Ultra Stretch?

(As you can see, the Ultra Stretch jeans provide added definition on the shape of our legs to give a slimmer silhouette.)

For the Skinny Tapered Fit jeans, it made use of a multi-way stretch fabric that not only offers freedom of movement, but also help to sculpt the hips and shape the waist. It is somewhat a middle ground between Regular Fit and Ultra Stretch. I bought a pair of white jeans in this cut because the Ultra Stretch in White didn’t quite work out for me – my legs looked suffocated and plump in them whereas the Skinny Tapered Fit in White had a decent slimming effect with some “breathing space”.

This Fall/Winter, there are other new variations in the women’s denim collection:

1. New styles for Ultra Stretch Jeans: Ankle length designs with zippered hems and High Rise Ultra Stretch silhouette. All priced at S$59.90 a pair.

2. HEAT TECH jeans: A new blend of material that has softer texture with camellia oil woven into the fibres to help you stay warm in winter, the new HEAT TECH jeans are available in Skinny Tapered Fit (S$59.90). Perfect for upcoming winter holidays!

Have you tried Uniqlo denim before? Any thoughts – and which is your go-to denim label? Please share!

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