… is the one that they do on your face, you know one of ’em ‘plump-up’ facials?

Because while my pregnancy has the unfortunate side effect of face-fattening, the postpartum period also introduces another… wrinkles.

And it seems to me they are coming on fast and furious and have no intention of leaving my face, like the residual pregnancy weight! How hard it is for those last 4 kilos to just disappear!

Anyway, as soon as I managed to get a babysitter for Keri, I booked myself an appointment at Spa Esprit at my choice location, Dempsey: because post-facial is often a terrifyingly hideous affair, it’s best that I can just duck into the car immediately after treatment so my uber red face (my skin is slightly on the sensitive skin, so any knick will leave very obvious marks and redness)  will not see the light of day and scare the wits out of passersby.

Besides with a nerve and eye-soothing view like this, it’s a no-brainer for me.

Lounge area overlooking le wild tropics outside

The great thing about Spa Esprit is no matter how regular a customer I am, I am always made to feel super welcomed. While they prepped my room, I was served a calming cuppa tea and one of those melt-in-your-mouth crumbly cookies so I instantaneously felt de-stressed (that on top of the fact that I was calling it a day and winding down for the weekend at noon on a Friday).

Sigh…why can’t this be my home?

My therapist, Anna then came to get me, after which she did a thorough skin analysis which followed a double-cleanse routine.

I had wanted to do the Wet Wet Wow Facial (75 minutes, $235.40) cos I thought I knew better; my skin WAS suffering from dehydration, hormonal breakouts and hyper pigmentation (made worse after giving birth). Besides, I’d wanted to feel super soft and smooth skin that wasn’t my baby girl’s bottom for a change, if you know what I mean.

Anna used one of my favorite beauty products to start off  the plump up filler facial (75 minutes, $214) — MALIN + GOETZ grapefruit cleanser — which means she had me at hello.

Photo credit: MALIN+GOETZ website

Photo credit: MALIN+GOETZ website

This foaming (without foam, I just don’t feel my skin is cleaned at all!) cleansing gel synthesizes natural grapefruit extract with amino acid-based cleansing agents, which means it can rinsed off without residue so I can skip the toner stage, because I ain’t got no time for that.

Anna went with this facial because she said that I generally had good tone (that’s a first) but the areas near my eyes needed work because I looked tired (surprise, surprise). To be fair, she went through the key steps and the products she was using on me but for most, Anna focused on getting my skin in tip-top shape and dialed down on the commentary because she knew I needed this me-time to catch up on rest and feeling relaxed. I totally appreciated that.

But three-quarter way throughout the facial, I felt this tightening effect on my face that sorta jolted me out of my nap. I asked her what was that. She explained it was the SCO Miracle Wrinkle Filler working its magic. Made up essentially of peptides, the effect I was feeling was the ingredients penetrating into the crevices of my skin, targeting the problem at its source. The peptides, made up of stem cells and organic silicone was doing the heavy lifting for me so that I end up with visibly more refreshed and hydrated looking skin!

Spa Esprit main hall is stocked to the brim with in-house brands as well as Malin + Goetz skincare products

As if that was not skin-saving enough, Anna threw in the Eyes Wide Open Treat (30 minute, with machine, $107) for me – yay!

Just what I needed: a wet microdermabrasion treatment that infuses the skin around the eye with aloe vera, chamomile, hyaluronic acid, a super skin quencher.

Throughout that treatment, the machinery was the last thing I felt. In fact, all it was was a gentle, sleep-inducing massage for my peepers. It might not have removed my eye bags or dark eye circles (I gotta resigned to fate huh – not with a baby around I won’t), but the fine lines under me eyes pretty much went ‘pouf’!

At the end of the double-treat, I was a content, less-tired-looking mummy and really, that IS enough.

Spa Esprit at Beauty Emporium
8 Dempsey Road, #01-03 Singapore 249672
Tel: 6479 0070

guestcontributor1New mummy Adlena is currently a co-owner of a small business and splits her time between managing that and her precocious infant daughter, Keri.

She can be contacted on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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