If there is any particular gift set that I would like to receive for Christmas this year, it is likely to be any one from “The Guild of Artisans” – a series collated by Aesop this season.


Presented in practical, reusable tin boxes and each named for one of the selected materials and wrapped in an elegant embossed sleeve, the overarching theme for this gift set collection is to pay tribute to materials frequently employed in Aesop spaces. 

So #hipster but I am tempted to collect the tin boxes!


COPPER: “A Certain Radiance” draws attention to malleable, warm-hued copper, which takes centre place in the interior fittings of Aesop rue de la Fontaine in Geneva.


TEXTILE: “A Flaxen Finish” references the textiles used in Aesop spaces, which include linen, cotton and velvet, in various settings.


CERAMIC: “Precious as Porcelain” represents the ceramic fittings and decorative objects utilised in a number of Aesop settings. This set contains the popular Parsley Seed skincare range!


MARBLE: Named aptly as “Smoothed to Perfection”, this material represents the features in fittings and furnishings in various Aesop spaces.


LEATHER: “The Supple Gentleman” highlights the versatility of leather, used not only for upholstery in various Aesop spaces, but also for a full-length curtain in Melbourne’s Collins Street signature store. As the name has suggested, this is probably an ideal set to pamper the boyfriend or husband.


TIMBER: “The Leaf Supreme” honours the diversity and adaptability of timber, which is used extensively in Aesop spaces. This set consists of body care staples from the Geranium Leaf range.

The price range of each thoughtfully curated set is S$85 to S$235. Which material describes you?

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