We know that Taobao is the shopping hub for anything possible and in terms of cheongsams, the Chinese website is literally the heaven for both traditional and contemporary dresses!

In this post, I shall share with you some of my picks from Taobao stores, which now accept DBS credit cards for payment and delivers to Singapore. For 101 shopping tips at Taobao, please click here.

Please note that I have not bought from any of these stores and cannot vouch for credibility or quality of the dresses. You may wish to refer to the item rating or shop rating on Taobao for more information.


(from left) Black Mandarin Collar Dress with Exposed Zip (S$108), Long sleeve Silk Dress (S$151), Long sleeve Cheongsam Dress with Street Art Print (S$116)

1. 密扇旗舰店 (Mishanfushi)

I thought Mishanfushi is an amazing find! This is the first time I have across cheongsam designs that are more androgynous, bordering towards punk and street style. In addition, the prints on the dresses are from art work of independent artists in China – definitely a great effort of blending art, tradition and fashion in the designs. The above are definitely the coolest cheongsam dresses I have ever came across!


(from left) Violet Wide Sleeve Cheongsam Dress (S$36), Red Long Sleeve Lace Cheongsam Dress (S$45)

2. 一诺的午后时光

This store sells contemporary womanswear, and not is not focused on cheongsam only. However, they did have a couple of interesting modern cheongsam dresses on sale. Both dresses featured above received good feedback from buyers. The lace dress, in particular, appeared to be of higher quality lace material, as observed from the close-up pictures.


(from left) Scalloped Edge Cheongsam Dress (S$142), Brocade Cheongsam Dress (S$217)

3. 品尚华服 (PSHF) 

This store is a dedicated cheongsam store. The above two are from the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, and I like the luxe and chic vibes that both dresses exude. The material seemed to be of fine quality, which explains the higher price range. The scalloped edges at the collar is an interesting addition, whilst the brocade dress looks exquisite on the Caucasian model.


(from left) Black Peplum Cheongsam Dress (S$58), Silk Flutter Sleeve Cheongsam Dress (S$169)

4. Sunoom 

If you are not a fan of prints, and also not so keen on the typical sleeveless A-line cheongsam dresses, the understated designs from Sunoom might appeal to you. Made from silk and chiffon, the dresses are subtle and perfect for everyday wear.

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