I almost let out a whimper when I saw this…


Was I a tad too quick in getting the Hello Shanghai Takeout Bag (also from Kate Spade) because this Hot Air Balloon Bag (official name: Flights of Fancy Balloon Bag) looks cuter!



Such a cute clutch bag that even comes with a zip lining which looks like it is made of velvet. I wonder if the circular section (“balloon”) would be able to settle on the base – just trying to imagine how this bag looks like when it is at resting position. Nonetheless, it is no denying that this bag/clutch/wristlet (*delete where applicable) looks so adorable and pretty well-made!


Priced at US$398, now I kinda wished I didn’t buy the Takeout Bag. It’s quite irrational to have  more than one whimsical bag – especially when both are of similar colours – but if you are on a lookout for something kitschy and affordable, I permit you to put this irresistible Flight of Fancy Balloon Bag in your shopping cart…


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