No, I am not a big fan of jogging but I do try to jog regularly to keep myself healthy and fit.

And the extra push away from the inertia to get out for a jog would be a pair of pretty running shoes (and perhaps loads of pretty sports outfit too).

Perhaps the stars were aligned a tad late – but better than never – I just discovered the Nike Flyknits!


Image from ASOS

The Nike Flyknit was first launched in 2012, with a revolutionary engineered knit that is snug and very light, and provides flexibility and breathability for running. These shoes not only make a great run, but the “knits” help to set the stage for more intricate patterns that were never seen before in running shoes previously.

I could imagine myself wearing these for yoga, for a run, for casual Fridays or errand-running during the weekends…


Images from Pinterest


Image from Whudat and Susie Bubble

Any Flyknit girls here? I so knit to grab a pair pronto!

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