Rose – I’m not referring to the lady in the famous movie “Titanic” – but the commonly found element in many well-loved skincare products.

After all, rose is known to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and contains high amount of Vitamin C. The aroma from rose also has calming and relaxing effect. Which is why you may wish to find out more about the 2 masks that I am introducing in this post – both of them uses the rose as main ingredient.


Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-repair Gel Mask (S$83 for 150 ml) and Fresh Rose Face Mask (S$85 for 100ml).


Peter Thomas Roth(PTR)’s clinical skin care aim to utilise breakthrough technology to combine effective and potent ingredients. In the case of the Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask, plant biotechnology is used to isolate and replicate the rose stem cells for anti-age repair. According to the product description, “five rose stem cells are blended with four rose extracts in a cooling, rejuvenating gel to help stimulate cell turnover for younger looking skin.”

Fresh Rose Face Mask helps to hydrate and tone the complexion “to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types”. The product contains pure rosewater and real rose petals, as well as cucumber extracts and aloe vera gel for soothing properties.

Look and Texture


Both products are gel-like and feels really cooling when applied on the skin,  but the gel masks are of different consistency. PTR’s resembles a delicious pink jello, while the Fresh Rose Face Mask is more watery.

PTR Rose Stem Cell Mask looks reminiscent of old school hair gel, but with slight rose scent. The product is light and easily absorbed but slightly sticky. It is advised to allow the mask to remain on the face for 10 minutes, although I have heard of people using this as an overnight mask.

Fresh Rose Face Mask has a stronger mixture of rose and cucumber scent, and you could see flakes of rose petals in the product. When applied on the skin, the rose flakes disintegrate. The gel feels runny, but dries fast and feels less tacky compared to PTR.


Both products contain some compound of alcohol. PTR Rose Stem Cell Mask is free of fragrance and paraben, whilst Fresh Rose Face Mask contains fragrance and some paraben.

Packaging and Price

Both products are packed in a jar, which is a common packaging for masks, but not the most hygienic method because the masks can get contaminated quite easily.

PTR Rose Stem Cell mask is packed in a plastic jar – remember my reference to old school hair gel? Fresh Rose Face Mask is contained in a sturdy, heavy glass jar.

In terms of price, PTR’s product is more economical, priced at S$83 for 150ml whilst Fresh’s is tagged at S$85 for 100ml.


Both masks did an impressive job in rejuvenating the skin quite instantly. My skin feels more hydrated and supple after washing off the masks, so there is no doubt in terms of efficacy. Additionally, both products did not irritate my skin or caused any break-out.

In terms of texture and feel, my vote goes to the Fresh Rose Face Mask which feels lighter and more luxurious – could be the effect of the dead, brown petals (haha) or the calming soothing effect from cucumber and aloe vera ingredients – which feels slightly more luxurious compared to PTR’s cutesy pink mixture.

If price, or ingredients are major concerns, I feel that the PTR Rose Stem Cell Mask is a great option and it potentially helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles (haven’t seen such effect on me yet).

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask and Fresh Rose Face Mask are available at Sephora stores. 

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