I recently read “Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going” by Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I’m quite ashamed that I bought the book when it first launched in 2011, only to had it gather dust on my bookshelf. I am glad that I eventually picked it up again 4 years later and I am in awe with the deep insights and candid views of our first Prime Minister.

I was amused by his comments on the ostentatious display of wealth and wanted to share with all of you. Admittedly, it does appear contradictory to post this up since this is supposed to be a fashion blog.


But this whole phenomenon of “showing off” is becoming quite real in our society today – probably fueled by the advent of social media platforms.. Facebook, Instagram and fashion blogs (with yours truly probably guilty as charged). It is not uncommon to see #OOTDs littered with luxury items, or fashion bloggers (or now style influencers) being the envy of many totting the latest designers bags and shoes.

Indeed, I find that fashionistas flaunting Chanel earrings paired with Chanel necklaces matched with Chanel bags are making a loud and strong fashion statement.

I also think that fashionistas who have their Hermes and Chanel wares prominently featured in almost all their #OOTD shots are sending a powerful message.

Perhaps it is idealistic to say that fashion is your way of life – how you like to carry yourself, how you associate certain styles to your personality. I find it a bit sad if our personality is strongly attached to luxury goods.

I agree with Mr Lee that it is not of good taste – but unfortunately, contrary to his view, I feel that younger Singaporeans are all too eager to flaunt their wealth or build an impression that they “own it”.

Any thoughts or comments?

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