If you have been reading enough beauty blogs… or have been always paid attention to new beauty products and their launches, you would probably be familiar with the idea of “enhanced” versions. Essentially, the same product gets some refinements or additional ingredients and the brand does a relaunch for the enhanced products.

This season, my two favourite sunscreens were enhanced and relaunched.  Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen now comes with anti-pollution production, as well as in three shades – Translucent, Fairness and Rosy Glow. Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense has also been reformulated with stronger defense against UV rays.


Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen Multi-Protection SPF 50/PA+++ (S$74 for 30ml)


We all know what’s the deal about Clarins sunscreen! It’s light, it’s non-greasy, it had a “Beige” version that provides light coverage (which has been retired to make way for this new range)! If you are not aware of all the above, please refer to the posts here, here and here.

This year, the Day Screen has been reformulated to provide defense against UV rays and pollution. The SPF protection of the product has also increased to SPF 50 (from SPF 40). The new formula now boasts a new Organic Alpine Sanicle extract that has an active anti-oxidant protection on the skin surface and deep down, which could help to reduce possibility of inflammation due to pollutants in the environment.

The key selling point is of course the three different shades that you could choose from – Fairness (Baby Blue), Rosy Glow (Baby Pink) and Translucent (Neutral).

The Neutral version and Baby Pink version felt similar to previous alliterations – if you remember the untinted and tinted shades from before. Baby Blue is new, with the aim to instantly neutralise any redness or spots.

My preference goes to the Fairness (Baby Blue) version because it helps to illuminate the skin tone instantly – a little cheat that I could do with before I head out for my exercise. The sunscreen mattifies very fast and therefore you could layer on more product if you wish to appear fairer. Nonetheless, coverage is minimal and definitely lighter than the now defunct Beige version.

Nonetheless, without a doubt, Clarins sunscreen product falls within one of my favourites in the category. The quality and texture of the product is still consistent and with that, I retain a “Buy” recommendation for the new range.

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA ++++ (S$52 for 30ml, $82 for 60ml)


In the similar vein as Clarin’s relaunch, the newly enhanced Kiehl’s UV Defense now has an advanced solution that extend protection against both all three forms of skin damaging UV rays. UV rays are categorised by wavelength – UVB rays (290-320 nanometers), Short UVA rays (320-340 nanometers) and Long UVA rays (340-400 nanometers).

In terms of the formula, it felt almost the same as the previous version when I first observed its texture and packaging. Nonetheless, I think the enhanced formula seems to absorb faster and leaves a smooth matte finish quickly.

If you have read my comparison post before, you would know that I prefer a liquid, feather-light texture for my sunscreen. Kiehl’s UV Defense is a cream texture but to be fair (pun unintended), this product is non-greasy and rather lightweight despite its appearance.

I think the winning factor for Kiehl’s, other than its slim and convenient packaging, would be the price. Since sunscreen is a daily requirement, Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense offers good value-for-money.

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