You know how you would stumble upon something that totally fits the gap you have in life, leading to an “Aha!” moment? That was me when I came across this box of cotton swabs while sorting out my beauty stash.


What it looks like: Just a simple box of cotton buds.


What it actually is: A box of cotton swabs packed with eye makeup remover liquid! Simply twist one end of the cotton swab and the liquid would be released and soaked onto the other tip.

Totally what I need when I am traveling because it is bulky to pack a bottle of eye makeup remover if you are not checking in your luggage. So all you have to do, is to pack a few cotton tips, and you could use it to remove targeted makeup areas! I could use this to finetune my eyeliner makeup when I’m traveling.


What it looks like: A bottle of vitamins?


What it actually is: An express nail polish remover for the feet (and I think you can use it for your fingers too). Just shake the bottle so that the solvent liquid hits the foam that is attached to the bottle cap. Press the foam on your nail and voila, nail polish is removed! Easy peasy!


What it looks like: Another bottle of vitamins?


What it actually is: Instant nail polish remover for glitters. Unlike the one for the feet, the foam applicator is built in the bottle rather than the bottle cap. Just shake the bottle and insert your nail into the foam applicator – voila, even the most stubborn nail polish would not be spared.


What it looks like: Yet another bottle of vitamins?!?!


What it actually is: Cuticle care solution (containing camelia oil). Just dip your finger into the foam applicator in the bottle (similar concept as the above) and your paws get instant pampering.


What it looks like: Something slim and sleek… an inhaler stick?


What it actually is: Named the “The Rouge Infusion”, this is actually the rouge gloss (or liquid rouge). I love how slim and sleek it is – although it’s hard to figure out that this is actually a lipstick! The shade I have with me – 18 Peach – is a lovely nude shade too.

All these fun stuff are from Sephora’s house brand and are available at Sephora stores here in Singapore. Happy shopping!

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