Nespresso launched a new Grand Cru earlier last month. Named Monsoon Malabar, the flavour is named after the treatment method of the coffee beans – known as “monsooning”.

In a ventilated warehouses close to the sea on the Indian Malabar Coast, coffee beans are exposed to tropical monsoon winds for a period of two to three months.


Through this voyage, you will be able to experience the smooth texture and distinctive flavour of the Monsoon Malabar.


Love the intricate pattern on rose gold background on the capsule, which represents the Indian origin of the coffee.

With an intensity of 8, Monsoon Malabar is an intense coffee that will offers an incredible silky-texture and a pleasing aroma. I love to pair it with froth milk, which apparently is the perfect profile that reveals the cereal aroma and biscuit notes of the coffee.

The Monsoon Malabar is only available for a limited period of time, at S$12 per sleeve.

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