I found myself taken to the idea of building my own Pandora bracelet recently. I saw a friend wearing her bracelet full of charms and she started sharing the story behind each one.

“The ‘money bag’ charm was given to me by my colleagues on my last day at the department.”, she reminisced. She was moving to a front-line role.

That romantic idea of collecting stories on a single bracelet suddenly became very appealing to me – I am not sure what took me so long though.

Anyway for those who are looking at collecting new charms on your bracelet, here is a glimpse of what’s up next at the Pandora store near you.


Introducing the “High Summer” collection, depicting a dreamy escape to a tropical, sun-kissed oasis.


Featuring the “Playful Dolphin” sterling silver charm with cubic zirconia, together with other breezy blue charms such as the sparkling pave mosaic.


Orchid charm on the left, and the new Twinkling Forever bangle in silver and cubic zirconia on the right. At the background are also some new stacked rings in the collection, such as the Slender Snake ring in the middle.


In this collection, Pandora introduced metallic oceanic green and vibrant blue braided leather bracelet. In the above left, you see the Sparkling Palm Tree charm along side with other cool green charms. At the background, there is the Tropical Palm series, which boasts a silver pendant, as well as a similar silver ring with cubic zirconia.


A bracelet loaded with different charms – that’s what I am talking about! Although I would prefer the charms in a mix of themes to tell many little tales.



A quick glimpse of all the new charms this season, including the adorable enamel heart flags!

The High Summer Collection will be available in store today. Perhaps I could start with a summery story on my bracelet to commemorate that memorable vacation, maybe?

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