After the launch of the Suncare Foundation series last year, Shiseido released a new “Wet Force” Perfect UV Protector (i.e. sunscreen) in 2015. What’s different about this suncreen compared to their previous versions is the new technology, which allows the sun protection properties to get better when in contact with water!


The new Wet Force Perfect UV Protector in the foreground and the Liquid Foundation and Stick Foundation (released last year) in the background.

How is this new sunscreen different? This new sunscreen is formulated with a stabilized form of Ionic Mineral Sensor, which contains negative ions. They bond powerfully with minerals in water and perspiration which are positive ions. This creates a highly water-repellent layer.


The SuperVeil-UV 360 creates a UV-protective veil that spreads evenly over every micro-undulation on the skin’s surface, to prevent UV rays from getting in. Many traditional sunscreens can accumulate in furrows within the skin, creating gaps on the skin. This can lead to UV rays penetrating leading to UV damage. And after soaking in water, typical sunscreen causes partial loss of sun protection, whilst the Ionic Mineral Sensor (as described above) provides reinforcement to the UV protection veil.

How is this product linked to South Asia women (like us from Singapore)? Indeed, it was interesting that the research scientist from Shiseido went on the tour to South Asia (no specific detail on the location) to study the skin of local women. In one rural village, he noticed that the women there had deeper wrinkles and more prominent age spots than women in Japan. He hypothesized that the intense UV rays in South Asia and the fact that everyday UV care was not a widespread concept in the village were contributing factors.


The above photo was taken in a village at Thailand, for illustration purpose only – it does not imply that the Shiseido research scientist went to Thailand!

The research scientist did a product testing with the local women and it became clear that they do not feel that water-resistant, oil-rich, spreadable suncreens settle well on their skin. These are probably the same concerns Singaporean women have when choosing sunscreens too. Given that South Asia has a very humid climate, a product that doesn’t come off due to perspiration would be highly preferred.


Therefore, in terms of texture and properties, this product is very well-suited for Singaporean climate and women here!

In terms of application, the texture of the Wet Force Perfect UV Protector is similar to other Shiseido sunscreens – light and watery. It is best used as an all-over sunscreen for the face and body. I applied this for amorning out snorkelling and it worked great, even though I did not reapply regularly and I was in and out of water. And, little parts of my body that I did not protect with the sunscreen suffered from sunburnt (oh blimey!) whilst most of the areas that were applied with the product were good as gold.

This is the best bet for your upcoming summer vacation – be it the beach or the harsh summer in Europe. And you don’t have to carry an additional sunscreen for your face!

The new Shiseido Wet Force Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA++++ is priced at S$59 for 50ml. 

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