Because of their new programme (MOTR and Moving Bodhi), I had the chance to step in and experience The Moving Body pilates studio.


The 4000 square feet studio at Robertson Quay has many equipment that are used at their pilates, gyrotonic, corealign, physiotherapy and massage sessions, definitely for those who are keen on correcting your alignment or get serious in your pilates training.



I was at the studio to experience the new MOTR (short for MOre than a Roller) and Moving Bodhi class. Both machines could be bought from stores but the class helps to implement some regiment as well as guidance on how you could incorporate them in your work out.

The MOTR is a foam roller with three weight level resistances settings, allowing you to incorporate it in your cardio, balance, functional training, mind-body, agility, strength training and more, each targeting different body areas.


With the stimulation of moving on an uneven surface, the full 360-degree range of motion of resistance straps and the ability to move in virtually any direction, we were taught a workout programme that could improve creates strength and balance. These movements could be incorporated with traditional Pilates to generate the most benefit.

The Bodhi Suspension System, on the other hand, is reminiscent of TRX. The equipment prompts customers to use their own body weight and physics to create more challenge and resistance.


In one set of workout that we did, both our hands and feet was suspended where we tried to achieve balance before moving the limps to develop body strength. As you could expect, this was strenuous!


Overall, I had a fruitful first experience with The Moving Body, experiencing with these two new apparatus. Beyond the MOTR and Bodhi Suspension System, I would be keen to attend drop-in classes for pilates at the studio again. Besides working out, this professional studio is great if you would like to enhance your posture or have back problems.

The Moving Body (River Valley)
11 Unity Street #01-23/24 Robertson Walk Singapore 237995

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