Feeling a bit of a high after watching our National Day Parade on TV! I am pleasantly surprised that our politicians ditched their usual all-white get up and donned national colours to the Parade this year.

Some of them did make an effort to dress up for the occasion. Here are a few photos that I managed to collate. Who do you think is the best dressed?


MP Foo Mee Har (left) and Indranee Rajah (right) looking resplendent in red and white! (Photo credit: Indranee Rajah Facebook)

This is what MP Indranee told the Straits Times about her saree outfit, “My outfit is a modern interpretation of the sari in our national colors but also a homage to our past. If you look closely, the sari blouse sleeve has a trimming around the edge. At one level it looks like a leaf pattern but on another it looks like a row of hearts. So you could say it’s my I❤️SG saree.” [Source]


MP Baey Yam Keng (left) and Foo Mee Har. (Photo credit: Foo Mee Har Facebook)

Mr Baey was decked in a custom designed shirt – look at the “50” prints! Apparently, this shirt is the work of Alfie Leong, winner of President’s Design Award in 2013. I think he should retail this design in limited edition!

I love the way Ms Foo Mee Har put her outfit together. Everything on point down to the cute tote bag flaunting a print of the traditional Chinese calendar of Singapore’s date of independence – 9 August 1965.


Minister Grace Foo in a vibrant print dress and matching red glasses! Love how it contrasted very well with NCC boys. (Photo credit: Grace Fu Facebook)


Senior Minister of State Josephine Teo (left) and Dr Amy Khor (right) were unanimously dressed in stripes. You could see how carefully coordinated their outfits were, yet the dresses looked comfortable for them to move around at the parade, considering that this is an outdoor event in a warm, humid weather. Thumbs up!  (Photo credit: The Straits Times)

Nonetheless, I think all our MPs deserve a big pat on the back for taking time off from their family members to celebrate the National Day Parade with the rest of Singapore at the Padang. Impeccably dressed or not, I think it is indeed the effort they put in to contribute to the community that counts.

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