In conjunction with the SG50 Jubilee Weekend, it is probably opportune to take stock and pay tribute to homegrown brands. One of the Singapore names that most of us are familiar with is Browhaus – I’m sure many of us know them as the brow specialist and I have reviewed their Brow Resurrection services previously.


This year, the brow specialist has launched a number of makeup items – not just related to the brows but also eyeliners and mascara too! At first glance, I love the look and feel of the packaging and prices of most items are quite affordable.


Browhaus Classic Brow Lead (S$17.90)

This brow pencil is available in 3 colors – blonde, asphalt and soft brown. Each box comes with a brow pencil with soft-bristle brush, as well as a sharpener. In my opinion, the soft brown shade, which is the darkest shade, would be most suitable for Asian skin tone.

The soft brown colour complemented well with my resurrected brows, as the dye has faded slightly due to lack of touch-up. This pencil is easy to use and fill the gaps between the sparse brows. It is also quite long-lasting and didn’t fade a wee bit throughout the day.



Browhaus Precision Eyeliner (S$17.90)

This is Browhaus’ version of the felt tip liquid eyeliner pen that comes in black and brown.

The pen is easy to use and the felt tip is sturdy. I apply a primer before the eyeliner but unfortunately I still see some slight smudges in the middle of the day. Browhaus needs to figure out the formula to make it more long-lasting for oilier eyelids.


Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liners (S$12.90, S$50 for a bundle set of 5 colors)

These dual-purpose products are really cute! You could use them as a eyeliner, or an eyeshadow as it is designed as a waterproof gel pencil on one end, and a soft smudge tip on the other! This is a soft liner so you just use a twist mechanism to obtain more of the product.

The five colours are all beautiful metallic shades – a shame that my camera failed to capture the subtle shimmer of the colours. These pens are actually versatile as both a thick eyeliner and eye shadow. I wore it over a primer and it didn’t smudge at all.


Browhaus HD Mascara (S$17.90)

This is my favourite item in the whole collection! The mascara’s soft bristles aids application on stubborn lashes and the waterproof formula doesn’t clump. In fact, it is rather lightweight that it could hold a little curl effect on the lashes. There are so many drugstore brands at this price range but I would say that this Browhaus HD Mascara is one of those that is able to deliver very well and comparable to my favourite Japanese fibre mascara from Majolica Majorca.

Consider S$17.90 well spent!


Love most of the items in the collection, especially the mascara, which I felt is the gem of the lot in terms of quality and price. Another favorite is the bi-liner, which is a cute and inexpensive item to add to your makeup pouch. Browhas also retails the Extend Lash and Brow Serum (S$95.23), which helps to develop longer and thicker lashes and brows. This item is not new and I have reviewed this a few years back.

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