Haven’t been doing much accessory shopping recently? I noticed a number of new earring styles this season and it’s time to collect them if you haven’t!

Here are 5 new earring styles you should check out right now. Girls who haven’t had your ears pierced, you might want to give it a go because the designs of earrings are getting more and more exciting!

1. Swing Earrings


(from left) Aldo Diawen Earrings, ASOS Triangle Open Swing Earrings, ASOS Occasion Open Swing Earrings

These earrings have interesting stud jackets that accessories from the back of your ear lobes. An interesting interpretation of the usual stud earrings.

2. Ear Crawlers


(from left) Jules Smith Artemis Ear Crawler Set, Gorjana Ryder Shimmer Ear Crawlers, JA Love Ear Crawler with Diamond

Ear crawlers are like longer studs, but they are rather lightweight and support the earlobes with a long hook. They are delicate but crawl up from the bottom ear lobe, creating a dainty statement.

3. Through and Through


(from left) Pieces Rawina Simply Through & Through Earrings, ASOS Bead Through Earrings, ALDO Clarastella Through & Through Earrings

These are simple hook through earrings that look really sleek and helps to elongate your face gently.

4. Tassel Earrings


(from left) Vanessa Mooney My Cherie Tassel Earrings, Eddie Borgo Enamel Tassel Earrings, Lady Grey Hand Tassel Earrings

Sick of the standard chandelier earrings? Opt for the dramatic tassels instead. These are versatile and go well with cocktail dresses as well as casual jeans outfit.

5. Ear Cuff


(from left) ASOS Feather Detail Ear Cuff and Crawler, Girls on Film Diamante Ear Cuff, New Look Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are not new, but there are now more variations and designs available as compared to before. Whilst some of the ear cuffs are clip-ons, most of them are only wearable on pierced ears. I think these is the new “fierce” accessories that would look so cool even on a simple white tee and jeans outfit!

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