Indeed, packing for work trip is no joke! Typically, we try not to check in the luggage to avoid long waiting time at the baggage belt after landing. As you can imagine, packing a few days of your life in a cabin luggage is no mean feat.

Here are some tips on how to pack like a pro for your next work trip.


(Clockwise from top left) Basic beauty pouch (Image Credit), Uniqlo Bra Top, Theory Edition 4 Gabe N Blazer, Faith Aero Black Flats, Ted Baker Skinny Scarf, H&M Sports Tights, DVF New Jeanne Two Wrap Dress

1. Load up on padded tank tops

Padded tank tops (like the bra tops from Uniqlo) serve multiple purposes at trip. It could be as a layer beneath your business suit. You could wear it to sleep (therefore skip the pyjamas), you could also wear them if you need to use the hotel gym or do some yoga in the room.

And the best part about padded tank tops is that you can skip packing the bras in your suitcase, which leave up some space for other purposes – such as presentation decks?

2. Pack outfits that are easy to match. Avoid statement pieces.

To maximise your clothes by packing items that could be rotated or mixed and matched. You never know what could happen on the road, the zip of your skirt might broke or your blouse got a huge snag etc. If mishaps do happen, at least the other apparel you have brought matches well with your current outfit.

3.  Jersey wrap dresses

That said, if you need more colours and prints, you could consider jersey wrap dresses which are presentable for more casual meetings although I wouldn’t propose them for final pitches. You do not need to iron them at all because they are crease-free. I love mine from DVF.

4. Travel size everything

Typically for work trips, we get to stay at better rated hotels which would have decent shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the bathroom. That leaves you with your skincare and makeup. Pack your skincare in travel size bottles, or get samples from the stores whenever you make a purchase. For makeup, go for the basic items and skip those bulky items such as huge eye shadow palettes with 101 shades.

Position your beauty pouch at the bottom of the luggage (above the wheels) because this pouch tends to be heavier!

5. I mentioned, skip the pyjamas…

No, I am not proposing going to bed naked. But you pack a pair of tights which and go to bed with padded tank top and tights. If you are feeling cold, just wear the bath robe provided by the hotel room!

6. Worse case scenario : buy online

If you are those who just can’t pack light, and your business trip does not involve zipping in and out of multiple cities, the final suggestion is to buy some of the supplies/outfits online and have them shipped to your hotel beforehand. That way, you could look fabulous without compromising on your fashion choices, and you only need to bring an foldable nylon bag to bring your purchases back home.

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