With the trend of face oils pretty much in the rage, it could be painful for peeps with oily skin when it comes to experimenting with such products. After all, we have been educated that oil-based products may be too rich for our skin type.

If you belong the oily skin group, and you have been itching to play with such oils, perhaps you could take some baby steps with these two products.


(left) Clarins Double Serum and Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate

Clarins Double Serum (S$115 for 30 ml)

This product requires no introduction, as the current variant has been launched for 3 years. You may refer to my review here and three years on, having tried and discovered other serums, I am still using this product.

The idea to combine both oil-based and water based components is a key driver why the eventual combination would be suitable for oilier skin types. I typically mix it on my palms and pat it gently on my skin. The result is more radiant, supple skin tone.

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate (S$80 for 30 ml)

This is Kiehl’s new product launch this year and one that is paraben free, mineral oil free, and I believe, alcohol free!

The product claims to “awaken, revitalise and energize the look of fatigued skin”. If you look at the key ingredients – canola oil, sunflower seed oil, orange peel oil and ginger root oil. These oils are supposed to be moisturizing, soothe skin from irritants, reduce blemishes, pores and blackheads, as well as anti-inflammatory respectively. That’s quite a lot of goodness in this golden liquid!

Meant to be a day serum, this product is lightweight and easily absorbed. For those with oilier skin types, we can consider using this as a night serum if you feel that this is too heavy for day use.

I just started using this product and I love the invigorating smell of essential oil blend. I usually press it on my cleansed skin. Similar to the Clarins Double Serum, it gives me a good “perk-me-up” at the beginning of the day.

How to use face oils:

• Oils should be applied on slightly  damp skin for better absorption. Kiehl’s advised their product to be applied on freshly cleansed skin.

• Pour a few drop of oils on your palms and rub your palms to warm the product. Subsequently, gently pat and press the product onto your skin.

• Whilst some people suggest that you could mix a few drops of oil with your regular products, such as moisturizer or sunblock, I personally don’t find this method effective.


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