Another year, another limited edition collaboration. Come 5 November, the much coveted H&M x Balmain collection will be launched at H&M Orchard Building and H&M Ion Orchard.

Opulent and eye-catching, you are looking at plenty of statement pieces in this collection. Expect loads of embellishment, velvet, sequins and silk. With colour palette such as forest green, black and red, the pieces are perfect for Christmas parties.


Left outfit: Earrings (S$59.90), Velvet Blazer (S$699), Velvet Dress (S$249), Leather Belt (S$199)
Right outfit: Leather Jacket (S$549), Silk Blouse (S$159), Silk Trousers (S$159), Ring (S$24.90), Suede Bag (S$299)


Left outfit: Necklace (S$159), Velvet Dress (S$399), Leather Belt (S$199), Bracelet (S$139), Ring (S$24.90)
Right outfit: Necklace (S$159), Dress (S$299), Suede Belt (S$159), Bracelet (S$139), Suede Boots ($449)


Left outfit: Earrings (S$59.90), Ring (S$24.90), Velvet Dress (S$249), Suede Belt (S$299), Suede Bracelet (S$99.90), Suede Boots (S$449)
Middle outfit: Necklace (S$159), Coat (S$249), Silk Blouse (S$159), Suede Belt (S$159), Bracelet (S$139), Ring (S$24.90), Leather Trousers (S$549), Suede Bag (S$399)
Right outfit: Earrings (S$59.90, Velvet Dress (S$799), Leather Belt (S$199), Ring (S$24.90), Suede Boots (S$449)


Left outfit: Necklace (S$159), Wool Coat (S$349), Ring (S$24.90), Suede Belt (S$299), Suede Boots (S$449)
Middle outfit: Dress (S$899), Ring (S$24.90), Bracelet (S$139), Bracelet (S$139), Suede Boots (S$449)
Right outfit: Necklace (S$159), Dress (S$599), Ring (S$24.90), Bracelet (S$139)


Left outfit: Jacket (S$199), Velvet Dress (S$249), Suede Belt (S$299), Ring (S$24.90), Suede Boots (S$449)
Right outfit: Earrings (S$59.90), Velvet Blouse (S$159), Leather Belt (S$99.90), Velvet Trousers (S$199), Ring (S$24.90), Suede Bag (S$299), Sandalettes (S$299)


Left outfit: Necklace (S$159), Velvet Blouse (S$599), Bracelet (S$139), Ring (S$24.90), Velvet Trousers (S$199)
Right outfit: Earrings (S$59.90), Necklace (S$159), Coat (S$249), Top (S$199), Suede Trousers (S$549), Bracelet (S$139), Suede Bag (S$399), Sandalettes (S$299)


Left outfit: Necklace (S$159), Sweater (S$199), Leather Belt (S$99.90), Bracelet (S$139), Ring (S$24.90), Silk Trousers (S$159), Sandalettes (S$299)
Right outfit: Necklace (S$159), Top (S$199), Leather Belt (S$199), Bracelet (S$139), Ring (S$24.90), Silk Trousers (S$159), Sandalettes (S$299)


Left outfit: Earrings (S$59.90), Sweater (S$99.90), Skirt (S$99.90), Suede Bracelet (S$99.90), Sandalettes (S$299)
Right outfit: Earrings (S$59.90), Wool Blazer (S$249), Silk Blouse (S$119), Tube Top (S$39.90), Leather Belt (S$99.90), Trousers (S$159), Ring (S$24.90), Sandalettes (S$299)


Left outfit: Necklace (S$159), Top (S$249), Suede Belt (S$299), Ring (S$24.90), Silk Skirt (S$159), Suede Boots (S$449)
Right outfit: Earrings (S$59.90), Silk Blouse (S$159), Suede Belt (S$299), Silk Skirt (S$159), Ring (S$24.90), Sandalettes (S$299)

Image credit: H&M

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