1. Rollerball Fragrances

Need to get your favorite perfume in a travel friendly format – other than those flimsy sample size dials that are so easily misplaced?

Now you can get them in test-tube sizes and rollerball formats at Sephora. There are several brands of fragrances available in such packaging – such as Prada, Marc Jacobs, Chloe etc.

Other than being travel friendly, rollerball fragrances are great for targeted application with less spillage. Priced at between S$20 to S$40, this is probably an effective way to sample various perfumes without burning a hole in the pocket.

2. Oud Fragrances


Have you heard of Oud? Frankly, I have not seen this ingredient in fragrances but learnt recently that oud, also known as “liquid gold”, is a rare, dark and fragrant resin extracted from the Aquilara tree. The oil has an intense, woody aroma.  Fragrance du Bois, which has a perfumery at the Fullerton Hotel, specialises in fragrances that uses oud.

I tried on the new “London Oud” fragrance, which was designed to reflect the history and vitality of the city the perfume was named after. The citrusy top notes (bergamot, lemon and mint) gave a fresh start and blended well with the woody base elements such as patchouli, cedar, nutmeg and of course, oud.

The scent was described as “aquatic” but I personally found it reminiscent of the store scent of Abercrombie & Fitch.


Do check out the opulent store at the Fullerton Hotel to experience their range of interesting fragrances. Price of the fragrances range from S$189 for 15ml to S$595 for 50ml.

3. Mimosa


Our (or my) favourite perfumer Jo Malone has launched a new fragrance this year – Mimosa and Cardamom!

Mimosa tends to smell fresh, crisp and powdery. However, Jo Malone’s version which has the former on the middle note and Cardamom as top note is a warm spicy scent with a tinge of fresh powdery sweetness. Intriguing? Almost – it would have been great if the scent is more long-lasting.

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