A couple of months back, I blogged about Spanx Jeans and even did a brief comparison with Uniqlo’s Ultra Stretch jeans.

Little did I realise that shortly after the post, Uniqlo launched a similar version of jeans with a “Smart Shape band” that helps to tuck in the tummy. Their version is known as the “Smart Shape Jeans“.


Similar to Spanx jeans, the Smart Shape jeans is a pair of higher-waist denim that has an elastic band at the waistline to smooth out your muffin top. The fabric at the front pocket area is also slightly elastic to help reshape your body. The fabric was soft and comfortable, and it did not feel tight on the waist at all. There was no hint of suffocating suction or compression that we may be used to from wearing shapewear.


The shaping system is so discreet that no one could tell that this is a pair of shaping jeans!

I like the concept, its effectiveness, as well as the price – only S$59.90 a pair. However, this pair of jeans is only available in slim fit. It would have been perfect if they incorporated the Smart Shape innovation in Ultra Stretch Jeans too.

Uniqlo, did you hear me? Can we have Smart Shape Ultra Stretch Jeans, pretty please?

Back to the title of my post, I questioned if Uniqlo is becoming the Asian version of Spanx. The innovative Smart Shape Jeans was just one example of new shapewear products on their shelves. You may or may not be aware of Uniqlo’s Comfort Beauty Wear collection

Which in my opinion is pretty decent!


My favourite shapewear in this collection is the Unlined Body Shaper Half Shorts (S$14.90)


Made of a mix of nylon and spandex, these shaping shorts are soft and silky that they felt like second skin. There is firm support at the midsection and the shorts were invisible under clothes. Once again, similar to the experience of wearing the Smart Shape Jeans, I did not feel the uncomfortable constriction that is characteristic of many brands of shaping shorts. This is the first time I realised that one could achieve beautiful silhouette without sacrificing on comfort.

I have spent incredulous amount of money on different brands of body shapers – true story – and I think Uniqlo’s offering deserves a thumbs-up. I wished that the Body Shaper Top (S$14.90) is padded though.

Whilst Uniqlo’s Comfort Beauty Wear Collection is still relatively basic (vis a vis the extensive collection from Spanx) , I think they have gotten the shaping and comfort equation right. Perhaps we will see more versions of shapewear – such as body suit in future?

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