Yes! It is the time of the year again!

Christmas season where the weather in Singapore gets a bit chilly and wet… and all you would like to do is hole up indoor with a cup of warm cuppa.

And there, this signals the grand entrance of the Christmas brew.


Indeed, you can feel all Christmassy at home with the three Limited Edition Variations capsules from Nespresso this season.


The three limited edition flavours are Vanilla Amaretti, Ciocco Ginger and Vanilla Cardamom. Similar to last year, Nespresso partners various flavours with the Livanto Grand Cru.

Vanilla Amaretti recalls sweet amaretti biscuits with its almond and vanilla flavours paired with Livanto’s roasted caramel notes for a rounded finish. This flavour appeals to my sweet tooth and I enjoy the aroma of vanilla from the coffee. It is sweet, warm and fuzzy all rolled into one.

Ciocco Ginger blends Livanto’s fragrant roasted notes with a deep, dark chocolate flavour, as well as hints of ginger. Slightly sweet and spicy but with a stronger hint of chocolate, this blend is delightful although my vote still holds for Vanilla Amaretti.

Vanilla Cardamom is a delicate harmony of vanilla and cardamom aromas. This would be a favourite amongst those who enjoys vanilla but do not quite fancy the sweeter taste of Vanilla Amaretti. The spiciness of Cardamom helps to balance out the flavour and the brew does taste pretty much like Christmas!



I felt that this year’s flavours were enjoyable and perfect for the Holiday Season. This is probably a great Christmas gift idea – you could get the assorted 3-sleeve pack which contains all three flavours at S$36. Each sleeve costs S$12 for 10 capsules.


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