One of the new brands that Sephora has brought into Singapore this year is NUDESTIX. The stores are selling 3 holiday sets right now, and the full collection will be officially launched in January next year.

And I call them the makeup crayons and it’s a bit hard to go gaga over them at first sight.

Tell me if your heart flutters at the sight of this…


I am reviewing three sets of products from NUDESTIX in this post – and this would give those who are not familiar with this brand a sense of its quality and what to expect in January when the brand officially launches at Sephora Singapore.

All NUDESTIX products are nicely packed in a sleek metal case that consists of a mirror, the product (or crayon) as well as a sharpener. The metal case reminds me of the old-school pencil case some of us might have used as students. I love the cool matte sophisticated black look, but sometimes it is hard to lift the top case especially when you have fat or buttery fingers like yours truly.


TooCute 3 Mini Lip/Cheek Pencil Set (S$34)

This set consists three mini lip/cheek crayons that could serve as lip liner, lip colour as well as cheek cream. The colour payoff of the 3 shades (Sin, Mystic and Satan) amazing and considering that a full-size NUDESTIX lip pencil retails at S$34 , this set is a great buy!


I love the finishing of both Satan and Sin – which was matte, velvety and smooth. Mystic was a little bit of an oddball when compared to the other 2 shades because it had some shine and wa slightly sheer.

The colours were quite long-lasting as well. Do try to grab this set, if not you could keep a lookout for such lip pencils at their launch next month.


Concealer Pencil (S$34)

The concealer pencil comes in 6 different shades and is great as a last minute “fix-it” for the face. The soft, matte and blendable properties of the product made it great as highlighter, or to cover up dark eye circle or spots. Simply shade on the problem area and use your fingers to blend.

Given the reputation of how pencil products tend to be dry, I found it a pleasant surprise that the NUDESTIX concealer glides well on the face. I think this is the type of product that is quick and easy to reach out when you need a last minute cover-up. Or if you are just heading out to run some errands and need to conceal some light blemishes. However, it is less ideal in terms of coverage for more severe acne – for instance the raging cystic pimple that one might suffer from occasionally.

I would recommend this as a touch-up item in your makeup pouch – given that it is really easy to apply the pencil while on the go. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a full-fledged all-purpose concealer, this might disappoint.


3 Piece Magnetic Eye Colour Kit in Angel, Immortal and Twilight (S$69)

Let me first disclaim that I am quite a cynic when it comes to eye shadow pencil because of my personal experience with similar products that ended up melting and smudging on my oily eyelids.

So, this NUDESTIX Eye Colour Pencil could be used as an eyeliner (albeit a thicker one), eye shadow (applied on the lid) or even as a highlighter (for the Angel shade which is quite shimmery and great for the browbone).

I applied a primer before lining my eyes with the crayons. The colour payoff was excellent but I was surprised by the shimmer from the colours – from the image photos of NUDESTIX, the brand seemed to be inclined towards nude makeup looks. The eye shadow lasted relatively well on my eyelids for half a day on a rainy weather – I might need to test drive them a bit more to see how they fare on warmer days.

I found it tricky to blend the different shades together – fingers didn’t work, neither did the blending brush helped. I think one needs to have lighter touch when you try to draw the crayon on your lids. The good thing though, is that the colours did stay put and did not run or create a mess on oily lids.

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