Happy Year of the Monkey! How was all the feasting and house visits?

I was very excited to be wearing this two-piece cheongsam set from Lark & Peony this year. It is one of my favourites amongst all the other dresses that I have worn.


Crop top and matching skirt: Lark & Peony | Pom pom earrings: Lovisa | Shoes: Zara | Lips: Nudestix in Satan


I wore the skirt higher on the waist and it seems hard to tell that this is a two piece from photos, as the top seemed to taper quite well on my frame. However, love that I could wear this as a set, and also as separates so that you don’t just wear the cheongsam on special occasions.

I once wore a cheongsam dress to office and someone asked, “Why are you wearing this today? Feels a bit Chinese New Year..” #truestory For those ladies who are deterred to wear cheongsam dresses on daily basis because such comments – I would say “Ignore them” but if you can’t, you could consider two-piece like this to justify your cheongsam purchase!

Anyway, just for fun I have decided to put together a little “Cheongsam Diary” which is essentially a chronological timeline of the cheongsams I have worn over the years. I love that the scene has evolved so much since I started blogging about it in 2009.


2010 : This was probably where it all started. I tailormade a dress in Shanghai for Chinese New Year and regretted not making more! I still have the dress sitting in the wardrobe but sadly it runs too big for me now. Read more about it here.


2011 (left): Bought a dress from Taobao and wore it to an event. I have been thinking that the print would look nice with a red tulip skirt but didn’t manage to bring this to the tailor. Read more about it here.

2013 (right): The cheongsam scene here started heating up online stores dedicated to selling such dresses. Here’s one from Our Bitsy Prints. Read more about it here.


2013 (left): Wore a Lark & Peony dress to a fashion event. Thought the print exuded some electro-punk chic suitable for the fashion scene. Read more about it here.

2014 (right): Wore this Lark & Peony dress for Chinese New Year. Officially wanted to experience other designs other than the tried and tested sleeveless A-Line cut. Read more about it here.


2014: Wore this Lark & Peony dress to a fashion party. The print is such a beauty that I received a lot of queries/compliments from guests at that party. Read more about it here.


2015: Tried other new designs from Lark & Peony for Chinese New Year last year. Read more about it here.

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