I am a regular consumer of bird’s nest, but I usually go for the bottled one. It is a convenient way to enjoy bird’s nest, but once in a while I do get a little concerned about my sugar intake from the sweet syrup.

Recently, I met up with one of my friends who is now the founder of Nature’s Nest. This new brand in the market processes bird’s nest in an organic manner and makes it easier to cook and prepare. All it takes is 30 minutes of soaking and 30 minutes in the double boiler.


Compared to traditional bird’s nest in the market, you would not need to spend a long time soaking and removing any impurities. You could also adjust the sugar level according to your preference.

What is most convenient is that the other ingredients that are brewed with the bird’s nest are included in the pack. This is perfect for lazy people because with the traditional cooking method, you might need to wash and clean the accompaniments. Nature’s Nest, on the other hand, has weighed, cleaned and packed these items and all you need to do is to just add them into the boiler with the bird’s nest.



In fact, I was informed that the product quality as well as the ease of cooking has won over a popular Chinese restaurant chain here that they are starting to use Nature Nest’s bird’s nest for their desserts. Impressive!

Bird’s nest is known to have beauty benefits by helping to improve complexion.  So, if you have similar concerns as me – trying to look for a healthier version of bird’s nest product, you could check out Nature’s Nest and purchase on their e-store. Each box of the above costs S$25 and the quantity is about one serving.

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