The fingers are itchy and it feels like time to go checkout my imaginary shopping cart again – and well, attempt to turn dreams to reality.

If you haven’t been too adventurous with your outfits, a statement clutch is a great accessory inject some fun and personality. If you are meeting some new friends and have absolutely nothing to talk about, that statement clutch could be a starting point!

The conversation could go like this… “OH POLO is like my favourite mint! My mom used to feed me with that!” (and you start doing a little wave with your new Polo cylindrical clutch.

Sounds fun, isn’t it?


1. Kate Spade New York Rose Pail Bag – US$328

Guys, take note! This might be a better idea than giving flowers. At least the Rose Pail Bag lasts a lot longer and has a practical use, as well bragging rights! Your lady could show off this bag all the time by saying, “He decided to get me this instead of flowers…” (and she rolls her eyes in amusement..)

2. Charlotte Olympia Out of Africa Clutch- US$695

Lady A, “Oh, this is such a cute clutch!”
Lady B, “Yeah, I got it to remind me of my wonderful trip to the safari in Africa. I managed to see the leopard when I was there!”

3. alice + olivia Stacey Face Mask Pouch – US$138.60

My idea for you, is to dress up like Stacey when you carry this pouch – oversized shades with red lips. Red bow is optional. You could place the pouch side by side and gush, “Looks like me, right? Right?”

4. Patricia Chang Donut Cross Body Bag – US$325

“I am on a diet. To satisfy my craving for donuts, I decided to carry one.”

5. Kate Spade New York Kite Clutch – US$398

It might be a cute and more polite way to show your displeasure towards somebody, when you raise your clutch and say, “You go fly kite!” (Note: Singlish expression. Explanation here.)

6. Lizzie Fortunato Safari Clutch – US$398

This could go different directions.You could share some personal anecdotes related to swimming, you could introduce Lizzie Fortunato (the label is started by a pair of twins based in NYC by the way) or if you are talking to a guy that you have a crush on, you could say, “Let’s go hit the pool someday!”

7. Anya Hindmarch Polo Mints Pouch – US$1295

As per the beginning of this post…

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