So, I still blog. Sporadically at The T List, a wannabe travel blog.

And I tried to be more disciplined with reading and it resulted in the creation of yet another Instagram account BrunchandBook.

It started off an extremely random occasion when I tried to take a #flatlay of what I was having at a cafe. To attempt a “hipster” shot, I placed a book that I was reading beside the food and instantly, my brunch was Instagram-worthy.

Then, the second time I went for brunch, I took a picture of the flatlay again – with another book. I figured I might have discovered an interesting idea of showcasing my brunch and my current reads! Perhaps, I am on my way to making #brunchandbook viral!

So, this was how the account BrunchandBook started and it is now my Instagram account for keeping track of the books that I have read (and the calories I have consumed along the way).

If you have a #brunchandbook moment, do tag it! It’s far from turning viral obviously but I gotta admit that it’s fun to share and review books that I enjoy reading.

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