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Note: Long-time readers might still remember my girlfriends Miss Armotif and Miss Chubby! Miss Armotif bravely took on the challenge to try a facial using placenta products and here’s her review!

When Ms Glitzy told the girls over Sunday brunch about the Mi Plus Facial Shower Treatment, we stopped her mid-sentence when she muttered the word “Placenta“. Placenta? Ain’t that the thing that comes out from… Okay, that was enough to make our jaws drop.


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AUCTION CLOSED! Check out Round 2 now!

( I have emailed all the winners, please respond to my email!)

The Give a Gift Charity Auction is part of the “Let’s Care and Celebrate!” campaign, in aid of SCWO-Star Shelter. All auction winners will receive a $10 Joe & Dough voucher. Out of these winners, one lucky person will be randomly selected to win a Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Set. [Read more]

Bidding period: 22nd March 2010, 12pm – 28th March 2010, 12pm.

How to bid?

  • Leave a comment on this post with the item code and your bid price. Eg, “A1 – $100”
  • Remember to leave a valid email address!
  • Only those residing in Singapore can take part in this charity auction.

How do I make payment?

  • I will notify the winner via email.
  • Payment can be made in the form of donation to SCWO – Star Shelter by:
    1) By cheque – Pls write the cheque payable to “ SCWO – Star Shelter” , include your name, address and NRIC/FIN numbers for tax deduction.
    By bank transfer
    Name of Organisation : SCWO – Star Shelter
    Bank & Branch Name : DBS Bank Raffles City
    Name of Account Holder : SCWO – Star Shelter
    Bank Code: 7171
    Branch code: 033
    A/c No to be credited : 033-021094-9 (DBS Autosave)
  • Winner need to provide me with a print screen of your bank transfer or scanned copy of your cheque as proof of payment.
  • I will mail the items out via registered mail within 1 week after payment is received.
  • Strictly no return or refund.


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By now, you should know I’m not as “glitzy” as my name. I am a slacker by default.

One Saturday, I brought my lomolito out for a walk. I was in my favourite denim shorts and Birkenstocks..


The plaid shirt deserves a mention. It is my vintage piece. I bought it as a brand new shirt dress when I was a teenager. More than 10 years later, plaid is back. I altered the dress to a shirt and it still fits like a tee.


In fact, the brand “Fornari” is not even in Singapore anymore.


Miss Chubby and I acting goofy.

I will wear my own vintage more often.

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Haven’t been able to meet Armotif, Chubby and the rest for almost one whole month due to personal commitments! Imagine the amount of things we had to update each other when we met over dinner!

Miss Glitzy and lovely Macarons

Miss Glitzy and lovely Macarons

Finally had a chance to wear the new lace-up suede peeptoes from GoJane. Was tied between bib necklace and chain necklace but opted for the chain instead.

I was also off-makeup for one full week because I didn’t want to run the risk of having powder/cosmetics get into my newly Lasik-ed eyes. Will blog about the whole Lasik experience soon.


Miss Chubby in a really pretty white/grey dress


Miss Armotif didn't want to have her photo taken. But she was wearing a really cute Alice in the Wonderland necklace!

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This outfit post is gonna be slightly different from the previous because the photos were edited on Photoshop by fellow Samsung blogErvolution contestant, Yutaki!

Miss Glitzy has been an admirer of Yutaki’s PS skills and he graciously agreed to guest-edit the pictures!


Miss Glitzy and Miss Armotif were pretty in-sync again with black top and mini skirt. Miss Glitzy opted for ruffles on top with patented strapped sandals! Armotif was more sporty chic with her army print skorts! Miss Chubby really stood out in the photo with her white linen dress and gold sandals (absolutely great for the beach)!

And here’s one with the faces digitally enhanced.. Miss Chubby looks even more fabulous and Armotif’s face is smaller. Miss Glitzy has no eyebags! Presenting… the Happy 3 Foxes!


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Friday. Is casual wear day. But gotta spend Friday night out. What’s casual yet not too dressed-down?

Miss Glitzy, Chubby and Armotif wore their casual dresses on Friday – such dresses tend to be shorter in length, more laid-back but not sloppy. Absolutely the ideal getup to welcome the wonderful weekend!


(from left)

Miss Glitzy: Silver BCBG sweater dress, Nine West Midnight Blue heels

Miss Chubby: Horse print dress from FEP, Gripz shoes

Miss Armotif: Alice Temperley for Target wrap dress (Miss Glitzy has the same dress too! Friends forever!), Target grey patented pumps

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Ruffles do wonders! They flatter the flat-chested and emphasize womanly curves!
So if you think Miss Glitzy looks fat.. it’s all Ruffles’ doing!

(from left)
Miss Glitzy:
ASOS dress, Guess red satin shoes, Claire’s chandelier earrings
Miss Chubby: Top from FEP, BYSI skirt, Gripz shoes

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