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Miss Jazzy (the M Connoisseur of the M Project) and her band, Only After Coffee, helped to compose and record a jingle for Glitz Channel!

The band came up with the jazzy and catchy tune, along with the exaggerated lyrics and Miss Jazzy was the voice behind the jingle! Thanks so much for your help and hard work, OaC! The band is available for public/wedding performances. Just drop them a note!

And for the 5th episode of Glitz Channel, it is a consolidation of bloopers accumulated from previous episodes. Just sit back and laugh!

Hello everybody, whatcha’ doing today?
Miss Glitzy’s got something for you
Fun, food and fashion on a little platter for you

Verse 1:
She knows where to go, for that next big date
The emergency present when you know you’re late
A dress and the trinkets to fit the occasion
For the everyday girl that’s searching for that “ooh-la la”

Verse 2:
She knows the trend-setters and the go-getters
She know what’s in and what’s not
She know who, where, what’s going on
She’s Miss Glitzy


Oh, I don’t know, would somebody tell me where am I to go?
I don’t know, but Miss Glitzy does

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Find zen on a plate
Right from the chef master’s hands
All is good again
– Standing Sushi Bar

For the fourth episode of Glitz Channel, Miss Glitzy visited the newly-opened Standing Sushi Bar. Yes, you are supposed to eat your sushi standing. But if you are those folks who prefer to sit and eat, you will be glad to know that chairs are available after lunch.

The process is simple: Stand, Order Sushi and Eat! Your food is handmade right in front of you by the experienced chefs, so it’s like a customised 1-on-1 food experience! The standard sushi items such as salmon, tuna and yellowtail are delivered daily while off-menu items are delivered twice a week! The fish comes from fish markets in Tokyo and Kyushu area.

So for the ideal sushi experience, keep your minds open and order a 8-course omakase because the chef will whip up off-menu items!

Here’s Miss Glitzy’s short takes on the items that she had tried:

  1. Boiled spinach – The key highlight here is the sauce, which is made from Sesame, Tofu and Miso. Very fragrant and certainly a good start for your sushi journey!
  2. Japanese sea snails – The sea snails were very fresh because there was no salty taste although there was minimal seasoning. Miss Glitzy finished all 4 on the plate in a jiffy.
  3. Salmon belly sashimi – (together with salmon ikura and squid sashimi) The salmon belly is very soft and melts in the mouth. Why go for regular salmon sashimi when you can get the salmon belly?
  4. Scallop nigiri – The scallop was very fresh but what won Miss Glitzy over was the mentaiko and mayonise sauce. The sauce went well with sushi rice too!
  5. California maki – Size doesn’t matter because the California maki served here are smaller than those we see at Sakae or Sushi Tei. Once again, Chef Roy went a step further by adding the yuzu sauce which was refreshing yet not overpowering. The sauce, made from fresh yuzu, was a great complement to the California maki and as a result, Miss Glitzy couldn’t stop.
  6. Tuna belly nigiri – The tuna belly was torched and the fish was quite thick! No doubt, torching the tuna belly enhanced its flavour and you could taste the sweetness of the fish, mixed with a little bit of mentaiko sauce.
  7. Tamago nigiri – The evergreen tamago nigiri took a new interpretation here. The tamago was wrapped over the sushi rice! Interestingly, with such an unbalanced egg vs rice quotient, the nigiri was not overpowering at all because the egg was not too sweet and was of a good consistency.

Enough of words, take a look at the video to get a sense of Miss Glitzy’s experience at the Standing Sushi Bar. And keep a look out for special promotion at the end of the video!

Standing Sushi Bar
1 Raffles Place #B1-02B
OUB Centre Singapore 048616
Tel: 6533 7078
FaceBook-16x16 http://www.facebook.com/standingsushibar
Twitter-16x16 http://twitter.com/standingsushi

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Miss Glitzy was invited by Joe & Dough for a little session on coffee appreciation. Well, the coffee culture in Singapore is growing with so many different coffee chains scattered around the island. How do you know that you are paying for a good cup of coffee for $5?

Miss Glitzy is sharing a few points that she had learned from the session. Trust her, that session was almost life-changing as coffee experience had never been the same again. Here are some points to look out for when you are at the cafe:

1) Clean and tidy equipment
This is crucial because dirty equipment allows coffee residue to build up, resulting in a very rancid and bitter aftertaste.

2) Grind on demand
Flavours of the coffee beans are lost almost immediately after grinding due to oxidisation. Check for the churning sounds of the grinders – if it is just a couple of clicks, the beans might have been grinded and left at the chamber of the grinder for a while (stale ground). Alternatively, you could try to look into the chamber to see it is already filled with stale grounds.

3) Correct extraction of espresso
Coffee extraction is the process where the coffee extract (the espresso) is dripped out from the coffee machine under pressure. While a generally accepted guide for coffee extraction is 20 to 30 seconds, ideal extraction speed differs from blend to blend. The espresso dripping out should have the similar colour as warm honey. Under extracted coffee results in a weak, sour, and dull espresso while over extracted coffee will taste harsh and burnt.

4) Fresh and perfectly textured milk
The frothing process, which incorporates air into the milk, is an important step that determines the taste of your Lattes or Cappuccinos. Well textured milk tastes sweet and should have a velvety, silky look instead of big bubbles that resemble soap foam. In addition, make sure that the barista is using a fresh pitcher of milk instead of reusing stale milk that have been left over by a previous order.

Miss Glitzy even had a chance to learn how to make a cup of cappuccino at Joe & Dough! She attempted to do some latte art on her cappuccino who ended up looking like abstract art instead! All these captured in the third episode of Glitz Channel.

Hope you enjoy this little video and now, go get a good cup of coffee!

Joe & Dough
16 Collyer Quay #02-05 Hitachi Tower S049318
Tel: 6438 2115

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Previously at Miss Glitzy’s Monologue, Miss Glitzy mentioned about attending a beach wedding that happened after work and packing a second outfit for the beach would have been a real hassle.

Today, Miss Glitzy will share some tips on how to put together outfits that are great for the office and perfect for the seaside!

If you have any comments or tips, do share share!

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Yes, Miss Glitzy has been selected as a finalist of this blog contest!

Organised by Samsung, Miss Glitzy and 4 other bloggers are required to set a goal on their own and during the 3-week contest period from 17th Aug to 3rd Sep, blog and utilise the Samsung Omnia II effectively to reach the goal!

So with a stroke of impulse and strike of luck, Miss Glitzy is now in the contest with a pretty cool but ambitious goal:

To launch Glitz Channel – the video channel of Miss Glitzy’s Monologue and increase monthly page views by 50%. All videos will be shot using the Samsung Omnia II.

According to WordPress stats, Miss Glitzy’s Monologue has been having increasing monthly hits. As of end July, the number of page views reached 5,699. Total page views was 14,017. To increase monthly hits by 50%, it means that Miss Glitzy’s Monologue has to reach 22,566 hits by end August! *GASP*


WordPress Stats

For the next 3 weeks, Miss Glitzy will post videos on Fashion, Food or any other Fun stuff! It’s a brand new attempt that Miss Glitzy has plunged into and she really need your unwavering support!

Hopefully, the blog’s readership would not drop after peeps see Miss Glitzy mumble onscreen. Miss Glitzy will try to do better for the next video! Please bear with her!

As Miss Glitzy’s readers (known as The Twints in this contest), you stand a chance to win prizes too! You can follow Miss Glitzy on Twitter, or visit Miss Glitzy’s Monologue and check on the twitter sidebar for secret code. Submit the code word to the contest website and stand a chance to win $100 Samsung voucher! 10 such code words will be released, so stay tuned!

To find out about  Samsung blogErvolution, visit http://www.samsungmobile.com.sg/dothewritething

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