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As we are approaching the end of the year, giving thanks to a smooth-sailing year and enjoying the good feasts with friends and loved ones, perhaps it is also time to give cheer and warmth to those who need our help.

In November, I visited a orphanage in one of the remote villages on the Thailand-Burmese border. Named “Pala-U-Noi“, the orphanage houses close to 50 children. Most of them are from the Karen group while some are Thai and others are Burmese. I spent 2 days and 1 night at Pala-U-Noi with my colleagues, interacting with the children and helping to build a frog farm for the orphanage.


Exterior of the girls dormitory.

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Truth to be told, this is busy time such that I have difficulties resting and blogging. My skin is breaking out and showing signs of stress. I feel like I am missing out.

But heck these minute first world problems. I read the Straits Times this morning and  I was very affected by the reporting on Typhoon Haiyan. This calamity has apparently killed at least 10,000 people in the Philippines. Survivors lost their possessions, their family members and were reportedly “walking like zombies”. Not only is the sanitary situation in the disaster zone poor, the lack of food and medication has led to some violence and social situations.


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I am not sure how many of you remember Let’s Care and Celebrate!, a charity campaign started by me in 2010 to commemorate the first anniversary of MsGlitzy.com. The aim of the campaign is to help other women to rebuild their lives and regain their confidence.

After a hiatus of one year in 2011, the campaign has made a quiet comeback this year. I wanted to spend more time interacting directly with the girls or women in need. By chance and referral, I got to know Beautiful People, a volunteer group that supports teenage girls on probation as they reintegrate into society. With their help, we had our first makeup workshop for the year at Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls on Saturday morning.

The trainer for this workshop was Joy Tan from The Style Atelier. She was a really great trainer, constantly engaging the seven participants and checking on their strokes and application. We would also like to thank Maybelline Singapore for their generous sponsorship of makeup products for the participants.

(from left) Me, Sofia – our model for the day and Joy!

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In light of my travel schedule and work, I have made the decision to postpone this year’s “Let’s Care and Celebrate” to the later part of 2011. I really want to make this year’s project a good one, even better than last year’s, and I would like to continue to help women and girls around us. If you are interested to collaborate or contribute to this project, please feel free to drop me an email.

Meanwhile, Wiwit, who helped me with the makeup workshop for Star Shelter last year, is collecting clothes and beauty products for SCWO. If you are keen to take part, please contact her before 16 March 2011.

On another note, the news and pictures of Japan Earthquake have been devastating. If you would like to help, please make a donation to the American Red Cross. There are many other outlets on the web or Facebook soliciting for donations, and I am really not sure which are the legitimate ones. I believe money is the most practical source of help at this point, you can also keep a look out at the Singapore Red Cross website for more news or initiatives.

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Congratulations to VERLYN!

You are the lucky winner of the Kiehl’s Ultimate White set, which consists of:

1.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Brightening Cleansing Cream, 150ml
2.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Clarifying Whitening Toner, 250ml
3.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Darkness Diminishing Activated Eye Treatment, 15ml
4.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++, 30ml
5.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Intensive Whitening Essence, 50ml

To all the auction winners, hope you like your items and thanks for being part of this initiative. I would also like to thank Kiehl’s Singapore for your generous support towards the campaign.

I am planning another giveaway soon. Meanwhile, join my Facebook group if you haven’t – I update quick news and post pictures that are not on this blog over there!

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Joe & Dough presented a coffee appreciation workshop for 5 residents of the Star Shelter. The attendees learnt more about making coffee, and how to be a good barista.

Due to privacy issues, we were not allowed to take pictures of the Star Shelter residents. They had some fun through the hands-on with the coffee machine though.

Damien, the owner of Joe & Dough, also shared with them the demands of a job in the F&B sector, and the qualities that employers usually look for when they are hiring service staff. I found it a very useful workshop and even suggested that J&D should work with more charity organisations to hold such workshops for their beneficiaries in future!

With that, my first anniversary campaign “Let’s Care and Celebrate!” has come to an end. I started thinking of doing a charity project via the blog since last year but we were too late for Christmas season. Joe & Dough came into the picture really early and our initial idea was to produce an original single by Only After Coffee and sell the CD online or at the cafe.

Naturally, due to high production cost that we had to cough out, we aborted this idea and moved on. For many months, I thought I was going to have a flea market where me and my fellow blogger friends would set up stalls and proceeds would go to the SCWO-Star Shelter. Only After Coffee was even designated as the resident entertainer of the flea. There will be cupcakes and coffee, maybe even a manicurist to do free manicure for flea-ers!

I approached many cafes and bars that were suitably sized for the crowd I was expecting. Unfortunately, none was willing to sponsor their venue on a weekend. There was also a charity licence that I had to apply and the lack of venue made it almost impossible to proceed. 3 weeks before the Saturday that the flea market was supposed to happen, I suddenly thought of a Charity Online Auction and how it could actually solve the venue problem. Without further ado, I contacted the bloggers that I know and everything went rather smoothly thereafter.

This is a true blog charity campaign because everyone of you got to know about this charity and this project via blogs and other social media platforms. I would like to thank:

  • Joe & Dough for being so supportive. I got to know them through my blog and the journey has been amazing. Please join their Facebook fan page.
  • Dottie, X-Wen, Karen, BB, Mag, Nicole, Gidania and Heinz for your contribution and plug on your blogs/RTs/Facebook!
  • Wiwit for your time at the makeup workshop for the residents.
  • Noemi for your lovely illustrations and Only After Coffee for that wonderful song.
  • Many fellow bloggers who had kindly blogged about this campaign.
  • Fellow tweeples for your constant RTs!
  • Friends who have helped to spread the word via Facebook.
  • Kiehl’s for your lovely product set, which is certainly a “sweetener” (quoting a comment) to the whole Charity Auction!
  • Of course, all of you who have bidded for the items.
  • And my friends who had to listen to me all the time, and helped me to solve my problems or think of solutions. What could I do without you?

If you only got to know about the campaign and the charity today, it’s never too late to help. You can be a volunteer, or make donations to SCWO-Star Shelter (details here).

Thanks and I hope you will still visit Miss Glitzy’s Monologue. While we continue to enjoy our quality lifestyles, do pause and spare a thought for those around us – be it your family, loved ones, friends – as well as those in need.

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Thanks everyone for your support, the Give a Gift Charity Auction has come to an end.

Well, I was initially worried that no one would bid in the auction. Now almost all the items are sold and the amount raised also exceeded my own expectations.

On another note, the Joe & Dough Coffee Appreciation Workshop for the Star Shelter residents was held yesterday and it went rather well. I will blog more about the event and my thoughts about the whole “Let’s Care and Celebrate!” campaign soon.

And once all the winners have made payment, I will select the lucky recipient of the Kiehl’s Ultimate White Set.

Meanwhile, have a fabulous Sunday!

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