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As MsGlitzy.com approaches its 7th anniversary… I have decided to bid this chapter of my life a farewell and the site will no longer be updated.

I have been toying with this idea for a long while.

Over the years, the blogging scene has changed. Readers’ preferences and demographics have changed. But what’s undeniable is, my interests have changed.

Blogging is not a job to me. If it is no longer sustained by passion, I am not sure what’s left.

Therefore, I decided to hit the brake on MsGlitzy.com and move on to another area of interest that is now closer to my heart.

I will be running a travel blog from now on – at TheTList.net. I have converted my Instagram and Twitter to the new handle “thetlistnet“.

The MsGlitzy.com domain, as well as Facebook page will remain. If you come across any other social media channel with the username “msglitzy”, please note that it is not owned by yours truly.

I would like to thank everyone for your support – readers who are still following this site, brands and PRs who still include me in your distribution lists, fellow bloggers whom I have met occasionally at events. Perhaps, I would also like to urge you to remember those simpler days of fashion and beauty blogging before it reached today’s state of fast updates and overexposed flatlay photos. I would also like to urge you to ponder about the social responsibility and influence of bloggers, such as in 2010, many local bloggers came together to support a cause to help women in need.

MsGlitzy.com started in 2009, while we were reeling from the aftermath of the GFC. I am not sure why I was blogging in third person then, I was clearly not in the most matured frame of mind at that time but today, I am proud to have developed this blog for one full financial cycle (haha!).

Onward to the next chapter… Farewell, and hello from the other side.


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After lunch today, Miss Glitzy realised it has became extremely jarring that something is missing in her life – a passion. A passion that helps to occupy her otherwise uninteresting life. Times are bad and the morale at her workplace hasn’t been the highest. Having being in the workforce for 4 years, things appear to be stagnating.

But what can Miss Glitzy do? She is a media junkie who eats and breathes TV and Internet. Started blogging since she was 19 and  loves online shopping although she is not quite a shopaholic – this term took off a new dimension after watching “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. Blogging is probably the only thing that she has been doing on a ongoing basis for the past 8 years. Maybe she can start a new public blog and get to know more about her favourite triple Fs – Food, Fashion and anything Fun.

So everybody, welcome to Miss Glitzy’s Monologue. Let’s hope that this monologue will sustain for a fair period of time.

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