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I am not sure whether the idea of a “Bridal Fragrance” is popular over here in Singapore. But if you think through the bridal preparation process, you have spent so much time on your gown, hair, makeup, jewellery, shoes and bouquet (with specific colours and flowers in mind) for the grand occasion, you should not forget the important final piece to the puzzle – the scent.

The selection of the fragrance would depend on the theme of wedding, as well as the personality and preference of the bride. What is the impression that the bride would like to create? A romantic ambience? Elegance? Or a warm and cozy feeling?

Aura by Swarovski launched a new Collection Mariage, specifically “to transport every woman into an Aura of Love”.


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I recognise that it has been a while since I organised a giveaway, given that the last one was the Fukubukuro giveaway held on the first day of 2011!

I am giving away this little sparkly from Aura by Swarovski worth S$120!

Each pendant contains the micronized Swarovski crystal and iridescent crystal shine powder which takes the make-up experience to another level. The Crystal Touch contains silver shimmer for your face and body.


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We know Swarovski as a well-known crystal manufacturer and jeweller. But what is the link between Swarovski and fragrance? This year, the company tied up with Clarins Fragrance Group and concocted its first fragrance, named Aura.


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April marked the 2nd anniversary of MsGlitzy.com! If you haven’t filled in the survey, please do so – I would like to improve this blog for all of you!

[29 April 2011] Woo! Today is the #royalwedding! Thought I should post a collage of Prince William when he was at his prime… [link]

Reminiscing the good old days when Prince William was everyone’s prince charming..


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