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I don’t use many oil-based products on my face given that I have rather oily and sensitive skin. Nonetheless, I have read a bit about the good benefits of natural oils and learnt that some oil-based products are good fix-it for the face, hair and body. If you are into more natural ingredients, you could consider using such products that are usually free of parabens and other radicals.

Most beauty oils are perfect as moisturisers, with some that are good as makeup remover or facial cleanser (just use one or two drops though). When used on the body, it could help to heal inflammation and improve hydration.

Here are three beauty oils that I would like to introduce in today’s post.


(from left) Clarins Huile “Tonic” Body Treatment Oil, VMV Hypoallergenics Know-it Oil, The Body Shop Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil


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