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Following my previous post on sportswear, I wanted to share about some beauty tips while working out. During those days when I was a student in school for PE (short for physical education) classes, I didn’t bother to slap any product on my face or attempt to keep my skin clean and hydrated.

But times have changed, here are five tips and tricks that I would incorporate when I head out for my weekly jog.

It’s easy to stay fit and fabulous!


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November was a frenzy. I was busy at work, skipped some events and got caught up with the whirlwind of information on Lanvin for H&M and then there was the fantabulous news of H&M finally landing in Singapore.

[25 November] Lovely Christmas lights (and Harvey Nichols) at The Landmark Tower in Hong Kong! [link]

Of course, I was also in a mad rush for my personal trip to Hong Kong. I managed to squeeze time out of my hectic schedule to check out the H&M store at Canton Road – yes I am predictable like that – as well as visit The Landmark, a luxury shopping mall. This is how much of a city shopaholic that I innately am.


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