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Yes.. the 2nd anniversary crept past yesterday!

I read through my archives, especially the posts written during the first month, and had a great laugh. It has been a good 2 years and I am really fortunate to enjoy great support from all of you!

In addition, I would like take this opportunity to find out about your content preference. I have created a survey to try to understand what you like or dislike about MsGlitzy.com. Really appreciate it if you could spare a couple of minutes to complete this survey!

Thank you! :)

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On 2nd April last year, on the spur of the moment, I started writing as “Miss Glitzy”. Looking back, it has been an amazing year where I met lots of new friends and had many new experiences – such as learning to be a barista, getting my hair permed for the first time, attending a Kpop press conference and dining at 5 restaurants in one evening.

Within a short span of one year, the blog has gone through different phases. I started off writing in 3rd person, and realised after a while that I sounded like a borderline psychotic. Also, I began with just a WordPress blog and a Twitter account. Now, followers on Twitter has increased and I have also started a Facebook group!

What hasn’t changed is the aim to produce interesting and relevant entries on lifestyle topics, as well as to innovate and be creative. If you have any comments or ideas on how I should improve, please do not hesitate to drop me a message or email!

Of course, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for supporting Let’s Care and Celebrate! Really, I have been very fortunate in the blogosphere and this wouldn’t have been possible without all of you!

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