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I was browsing through the photos for Fall/Winter (FW) Fashion Week and found some really interesting braided hairstyles on the runway. Hair braiding is considered an ancient art and traces its roots from West Africa.  As far back as 4000 BC, the Ancient Egyptians were known to practice hair braiding.

Several thousand years later, we see so many variations of hair braids in all walks of life. Here are my favourite hair braids from the recent runway shows!

Tiny milkmaid braids as seen at Pucci FW 2012 – These braids are apparently “fake” and color-matched to the model’s hair before being pinned at the crown. Very neat and retro look, and the prosthetic braids reminded me of my faux-hair headband that I loved wearing when I was in my teens.


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Miss Glitzy is going gaga over The Braided Hair! It’s absolutely feminine and when paired with a romantic frilly/maxi dress, you look like goddess! But Miss Glitzy has short layered bob, so creating the braided do is an uphill task.

As spotted on celebrities and models:



The braided hairband is just so cute.  But for those who are trying to work this out, please don’t tie fat braids and risk looking like a milk maid:


DIY videos of :

1) Braided updo
2) Braided hairband
3) Bohemian tiara side braids (very cute!)

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