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Looked unintentionally as if I was headed back to school yesterday.

Dress: hansel | Satchel: Furla | Sneakers: Camper

I got the shirt dress from hansel at a sale a while ago and it was heavily discounted! Only S$41, if I remember correctly, and certainly a mere fraction of the original price which typically ranged from S$200 to 300 for a dress. I love real sales like these!

周末的穿着自然是轻松一些,昨日我身穿的连衣裙可是来自新加坡的设计- hansel。这件连衣裙是几个月前大减价购买的,才新币41元。原价介于2-300新元,真是捡到宝了!除了设计特别之外,纯棉的布料非常适合新加坡炎热的天气!

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