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Check out the latest arrival to my wardrobe – a Prabal Gurung for Target blouse in First Date Print!


My outfit to H&M for Brick Lane Bikes party last week.

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I thought my souvenir from the recent France trip warrants a post of its own, given that this is my virgin Chanel purchase.

It’s a lambskin Chevron flap bag.

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October is over. We are officially left with 2 months for the year of 2011. What have you done this year? What have you NOT accomplished this year? Is it time for us to start reflecting and penning resolutions?

[16 October 2011] Photobooth fun at DKNY Jeans Party [link]

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September was an exciting month, wasn’t it? We first herald in the new month with the H&M craze in Singapore. 1 month on, the store at Orchard Building is still brimming with business. Also in this month, there were loads of new make-up and beauty products, together with plenty of excitement from the Fashion Weeks.

[30 Sep 2011] Kate Spade has ventured into makeup? Just launched: SUPERCALIFRAGILIPSTICK that is priced at $55 a pop.. How cute is that cosmetic case? [link]

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This may be stale news to some but hey, forget about the Flying Pigeon. Give me a Chanel bicycle and I will be able to work out in style.

I don’t even have to worry about how to carry my Chanel 2.55 when I’m cycling. There is also a small quilted flap bag attached behind my seat.

Or maybe I want to opt for the glamourous vintage look complete with Fendi leather case and fur saddle. The bike is equipped with real leather GPS holder.

This Red Gucci was available in China and Hong Kong in conjunction with the Olympics.

I don’t know why I wanna sit in a Hermès bike because at US$4,000, I would rather top up and invest in a Hermès bag!

Urban Outfitters – love the blue and red combination. Although it is indeed just a normal bike with a price tag of US$399.

I don’t know whether this is good branding, fantastic style or just plain ostentatious. And excuse me while I find a secret place to park my Chanel bike…

Photo credit: Treehugger

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