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The first quarter of 2009 has passed and this was yet another movie-ful quarter – from the much-acclaimed Oscars selections to Asia-to-Hollywood movie adaptations to fluffy Chick Flicks!

Miss Glitzy caught 3 chick flicks in March and couldn’t help but associate them together. Imagine Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck from “He Just Not That Into You” decided to get married and they have a dog called Marley and they found out that their common friend, who is a magazine writer aka The Girl With Green Scarf is a debt-ridden shopaholic!

In terms of box office, it seems like “Confession of a Shopaholic” is leading. Taking just the first week’s box office numbers in Singapore, “Shopaholic” leads at US$396,648 for its first weekend – compared to “HJNTIY” at $275,190 and “Marley” at $367,366. But personally, I prefer “HJNTIY” for the funny but somewhat true representations of women. Dating can be depressing and I seriously need a movie to affirm that! “Shopaholic” didn’t quite live up to my expectations because the outfits were not as great as Sex and The City and the storyline was kinda weak. But Miss Glitzy certainly loves Isla Fisher’s luscious curls!

I hope someone do take part in this poll and feel free to comment your thoughts on chick flicks!

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