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larryeo1aIn this final guest post for the “What’s in My Beauty Pouch” series, I am delighted to invite popular makeup artist, Larry Yeo, to reveal his daily favourites!

Recently crowned by Elle Singapore as the “Makeup Artist of the Year”, Larry’s works are often seen on top glossies in Singapore. He has been involved in several fashion shows, and has worked with several beauty brands for their makeup demonstrations and presentations.

Many of you might also remember him as the makeup artist who appears with Youtube Makeup Tutorial Sensation cum Extraordinaire Golden Tan in a series of Youtube videos by Maybelline.

Larry revealed he usually carries a massive makeup bag or trolley with various cosmetics and shades when he is out on the job. That sounds like a treasure trove to a makeup addict, I am pretty sure. But for the purpose of this series, he shall show us what goes into his personal vanity pouch and trust me, it’s not all about makeup!


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beautypouchiris1The second target of our “beauty pouch revelation”  is Iris Chai, Assistant Brand Manager of Shiseido, based in Singapore.

Having known Iris since my very first encounter with Shiseido, this affable lady has been working at the company for more than 5 years, constantly keeping us abreast of the company’s new products and updating us with information on the latest season’s makeup trends and looks.

Of course, other than chatting about makeup, we had spent time talking about our common interests such as traveling, shopping and just life in general. My first question to Iris when I invited her for this series was somewhat made in jest. But yes, I am nosy like that.

“How many Shiseido products do you have in your beauty pouch?”


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In what’s becoming a Christmas tradition for MsGlitzy.com, I have resurrected my guest contribution section again. This year, I have invited a few friends – who are also expert in the beauty arena – to share the contents of their beauty pouches. I am not sure whether you are curious about which items others are using, but I am definitely looking forward to their revelations!

The first person to kick off this series is Adlena Wong, PR practitioner at Platform Public Relations by day, home-proud and Donna Hay wannabe by night. Adlena’s first brush with beauty was at her first jobs – lifestyle, beauty and health writer at the leading female glossies in Singapore. With years of trial and error, her beauty favorites certainly do not come by chance but through personal experiences and interactions with beauty experts.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s in her pouch!


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I have been toying with this idea for a while and decided to give it a shot.


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