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Pipped as “liquid energy”, the new Treatment Lotion from La Mer is described as an “energy source” to prep your skin and help it renew and soften while you continue with the rest of your skincare regimen.


This could be a replacement to your usual toner, as you could apply after cleansing, before your serum and moisturizer.

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The latest member of the Creme de La Mer Moisturizing series, the Soft Cream is aptly positioned as an in-between. A softer and lighter version for those who are unable to accept the Creme’s thick consistency, the Soft Cream offers greater hydration properties for others who find the Moisturizing Gel Cream too lightweight.

Containing the same “Miracle Broth” that La Mer is famous for, the new Soft Cream is milky and fluffy, gliding easily onto the skin without having to “warm” them with your fingers as you would have done for the original Creme.

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I have been receiving information on events and promotions which I am not sure whether all of you are keen on reading. I have picked up three upcoming events in September for this inaugural News Bulletin post.

Do let me know whether you will be interested to read about such information on a regular (perhaps monthly?) basis.

6-9 September 2012: The New Ageless Skincare Workshop by La Mer

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I believe most of us have heard of the skincare brand La Mer, and its famous product the Creme de La Mer. I have been curious about the miracle Creme for a very long time, and was so close to purchasing it recently before I got held back by the price and my own rational mind.

Finally, I had the opportunity to attend a skincare workshop organised by La Mer a couple of weekends ago and got myself familiarised with their range of various skincare solutions.

The La Mer Moisturizing Collection.

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