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… is the one that they do on your face, you know one of ’em ‘plump-up’ facials?

Because while my pregnancy has the unfortunate side effect of face-fattening, the postpartum period also introduces another… wrinkles.

And it seems to me they are coming on fast and furious and have no intention of leaving my face, like the residual pregnancy weight! How hard it is for those last 4 kilos to just disappear!

Anyway, as soon as I managed to get a babysitter for Keri, I booked myself an appointment at Spa Esprit at my choice location, Dempsey: because post-facial is often a terrifyingly hideous affair, it’s best that I can just duck into the car immediately after treatment so my uber red face (my skin is slightly on the sensitive skin, so any knick will leave very obvious marks and redness)  will not see the light of day and scare the wits out of passersby.

Besides with a nerve and eye-soothing view like this, it’s a no-brainer for me.

Lounge area overlooking le wild tropics outside


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I attended a workshop about integrating essential oils in our daily life at Spa Esprit, which is located at the Beauty Emporium in Dempsey. For the uninitiated, the Beauty Emporium houses Spa Esprit, Browhaus and Strip all under one roof!

I have been curious about essential oils,  after a reader shared with us about hydrosols, which were good for her skin. The oils are usually naturally derived and are reputed to also have medicinal properties. But I have never really made an effort to research on them.


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Miss Glitzy and friends went to Au Petit Salut at Harding Road with great anticipation yesterday. This was our first experience with the French restaurant. Having heard much great reviews from friends, the French gastronomy festival deal just provided a great opportunity to try out this place.

This place is really popular. When we called to make a reservation, we were told that only outdoor seats were available. Depending on where you are seated, some of the seats can be too warm for comfort. I was given the lunch menu and at $30+, you are entitled a choice of entree, main and dessert, as well as coffee or tea. There were 5 choices in each category. If you prefer to change some of your choices to items in the regular menu, you are required to top up. Now, after checking on the website, I found out that APS offers lunch sets at this price all the time! So this lunch “promotion” is available post French Festival!

My entree: Half dozen baked Burgundy snails with tomato and garlic butter. I love escargots and these were great. The garlic sauce would be great with bread too!

My main: Red wine braised beef cheeks with carrots, mushrooms and parsley potato. The portion was huge but the colour didn’t look appetising. The beef cheeks were not as tender as I thought it would be. In retrospect, I should have chosen the red snapper instead.

My dessert: Crème Brulée infused with fresh Madagascar vanilla beans. I was pleasantly surprised that this came in such a generous portion. A very traditional dessert with no frill. This was good and Miss Chubby, who chose Choux buns liked her dessert too.

Verdict: I suppose the rave reviews of APS could have been due to its chill-out ambience, the free parking and the competitive price of the lunch menu. The food, in my opinion, was good but not exceptional. There is also an Executive Lunch Menu available at $58++.

In addition, I found out that there is a special menu on 19 April 2009, Sunday in conjunction with the World Gourmet Summit. A 5-course lunch cost $78++ per person.

Au Petit Salut

40C Harding Road
Singapore 249548
T: 6475 1976
F: 6475 1966

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