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Bakerzin is almost like the mother of macarons in Singapore. Ask anyone in Singapore where to get macarons and everyone will tell you “Bakerzin”.

There were many flavours to choose from and the M Connoisseurs chose Rose, Chocolate and Yuzu.

Bakerzin’s macarons are the cheapest among the lot that we have tried so far – each piece costs S$1.50.

Obligatory picture of the three cuties

Overall, the macarons looked well-made and tempting. The Yuzu macaron had pink specks on bright yellow shell and a generous wallop of cream. Miss Glitzy could feel it calling “Choose me, choose me…”

Chocolate: The shell was well made with the right balance of chewy and crispy texture. The chocolate cream was a tad sour though.

Rose: Strong rose flavour and Miss Jazzy liked it. Miss Glitzy still prefers TWG’s for it’s lighter flavour.

Yuzu: Very different and unique taste. This felt like a much better version of the disastrous passionfruit macaron from The Icing Room. Bakeries should invent more interesting flavours like this. The fruity citrous taste was refreshing with a tinge of sweetness. Pure bliss.

Final verdict (out of 5 points):
We love good macarons at good price!

Miss Glitzy:

Miss Jazzy:

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Tucked at a quiet corner of Holland Village, the 2am Dessert Bar is an ideal chillout place where one can literally get high on desserts.

Look at the inviting couch! You can literally fall asleep there!

The desserts were designed like exquisite art pieces. It was evident that a lot of care and time was spent on the presentation.

Toffee Pudding (S$14) paired with white wine (S$13)

The dessert consists of the delicious warm pudding with maple whisky pudding and pomegranate sorbet. The combination of the soft pudding with raisins and custard sauce was unmatched. The pomegranate sorbet was a bonus for its sweet and unique taste.

Amedei Chilli Chocolate (S$15) with red wine (S$14)

The dark chocolate bricks are mixed with a bit of chilli powder. After the initial bittersweet taste of chocolate, there was a mild spicy after taste. Very unique. The toast ice cream tasted like caramel but seriously, the dark chocolate bricks hogged the limelight for it was something that Miss Glitzy had never tasted before.

Selection of 3 ice-creams (S$14)

Ordered 3 ice-cream flavours from the list of many exotic names like blood orange (which would be a bit sour), basil yoghurt, fruit of forest etc.

Espresso: Very strong coffee taste. It tasted more bitter than sweet and was probably effective to keep Miss Glitzy awake for a while

Valrhona Chocolate: Apparently, Valrhona Chocolate is a top-quality luxury chocolate and the ice cream made from it was rich and bitter with a tinge of sweetness. Great!

Jambu (Water Apple) Sorbet: Very refreshing but a tad tasteless. Pomegranate sorbet left too lasting an impression.

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The M Connoisseurs continue to look for more Ms.

A little birdie mentioned that at the far end of the West, there is a cutie cutie shop that sells macarons at an affordable price. Miss Glitzy visited Jurong Point and found this open-concept bakery with shop assistants dressed like French maids! The Icing Room is a new initiative from homegrown Breadtalk and it’s a happy place where kids can design their own cakes there!

Miss Glitzy went straight to the macarons – there were about 5 flavours available. If you are into fine gift packaging, the prepacked bag of 3 macarons might work as the polka-dotty ribbon looks kinda cute.

Price wise, each piece is $1.80 and 3 pieces cost $5.00.

from left: Green Tea, Chocolate, Passionfruit

Miss Glitzy thought that Miss Jazzy was a bit bummed that The Icing Room does not have her favourite Rose flavour. Miss Frazzle Dazzle joined in the taste test too.

First thought, the macarons were bigger than those from TWG or Canele but the colours were dull and unattractive and the shell was very coarse.

Green Tea: The shell crumbles into a mess after one cut and this observation was consistent with the Chocolate and Passionfruit ones. There was no fragrance of green tea and the taste was weird.

Meanwhile, Miss Glitzy shall entertain everyone with a picture of the crumbly green tea macaron that matches her green dress:

Chocolate: The crust was like a hollow biscuit, atypical of a macaron shell. The “ganache” was just chocolate cream which was sour. Bad.

Passionfruit: There was some very light fragrance but Miss Frazzle Dazzle (what a long name..) thought that it tasted like a fruit gum sweet. Nonetheless, Miss Jazzy commented that passionfruit macaron feels very local and tropical. Maybe TWG or Canele can consider developing this flavour and do a better job.

Final verdict (out of 5 points):

Miss Glitzy: (left intentionally blank)

Miss Jazzy: (left intentionally blank)

Miss Frazzle Dazzle: (left intentionally blank)

No cupcake points for The Icing Room! But if you wish to check that place out:

The Icing Room (Outside BreadTalk)
63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-73
Jurong Point Shopping Centre,

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The Macarons. The traditional French pastry that tastes sweet as divine. You don’t have to fly to France to get these cute little angels because the M craze has been slowly spreading in our sunny island.

Together with Miss Jazzy the Macarons Connoisseur, Miss Glitzy will be reviewing macarons in Singapore and make the attempt to sift out the good, the bad and the ugly. Assessment criteria include colour, taste, aftertaste, packaging etc.

For the first part of the series, Miss Glitzy and Miss Jazzy will look at TWG and Canelé Pâtisserie. In an attempt to compare apples to apples, the M Connoisseurs try to keep to 2 same/similar flavours from each brand.

TWG – $2.00 per piece

This company does not scrimp on packaging. For just 3 macarons, the pack was stylish enough as a little gift! Apparently, the macarons from TWG are tea-infused. There are 6 flavours available at  TWG’s tea salon at Republic Plaza.

Rose: There was a very light fragrance of rose tea and the taste was light and not too overpowering. Out of the three from TWG, both Miss Glitzy and Miss Jazzy like this flavour most.

Chocolate (Earl Grey Fortune with chocolate gauche): The chocolate ganache was chunky so it looks really mouth-watering. However, the positivity has to stop there. The chocolate tasted a bizarre mix of sour, sweet and a hint of bitterness  – not  sure whether it was caused by the Earl Grey infused in the macarons but nay!

Napoleon Tea: Since TWG is a tea company, Napoleon Tea felt like a unique must-try flavour there. Miss Glitzy kinda expected it to be sweet with refreshing taste of black tea. However, the end product tastes sweet like caramel toffee, masking the true essence of the tea. Recommended for those with a sweet tooth.

Final verdict (out of 5 points):

Miss Glitzy: (1 extra point for packaging!)

Miss Jazzy:

TWG macarons are available at Republic Plaza (#01-22) and Takashimaya B2.

Canelé Pâtisserie – $2.30 per piece

Canele’s desserts look really exquisite on display and they have an array of 12 macaron flavours available! Based on appearance, Canele’s macarons look more polished and presentable than TWG’s. However, the packaging was down to its bare minimum for small quantities.

Rose: The aroma was much stronger that it smelled remotely like rose syrup or bandung. The white ganache is thicker than TWG’s and the macaron shell was nice and crisp. Miss Jazzy likes this and felt that she could continue with another while Miss Glitzy prefers TWG’s because its Rose macaron tasted lighter.

Dark Chocolate (70% Guanaja): The macaron is made from very good chocolate which was absolutely divine. There was a good balance of macaron shell and ganache and tasted like rich chocolate cookie. Both the M Connoisseurs were happy ladies and were yearning for more!

Hazelnut (Praline Noisette): This is Canele’s signature creation which consists of praline cream with roasted hazelnuts. Love the hazelnut bits to bits (pun intended)! The hazelnut taste was strong but pleasant and it helps that the macaron shell is hazelnut flavoured.

Final verdict (out of 5 points):

Miss Glitzy:

Miss Jazzy:

Canelé Pâtisserie is located at Shaw Centre (#01-01A), Paragon (#B1-25) and Raffles City Shopping Centre (#B1-81/82).

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A while back, Miss Glitzy had lunch at Minjiang@One North. The Peking Duck there requires no introduction as that is what the restaurant is famous for.

Miss Glitzy spotted someone having an interesting dessert and ordered that too. The dessert is the Chilled Tientsin Pear, Chrysanthemum Jelly and Fritillary Bulbs.


The blue liquid underneath was an eye-catcher, otherwise the dessert tasted somewhat like ice-jelly with a mixture of sweet and sour tastes. The chrysanthemum jelly was very refreshing though.

Miss Glitzy found the recipe of this dessert on OMY (You can change the language from Chinese to English). Anyway, this is a healthy dessert with the pear and chrysanthemum as ideal ingredients to cool our system in this warm weather.

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Hairloom & Caramel is a salon+cafe tucked at a corner of Shaw Towers. Hairloom, as the name suggests, is the salon whereas the cafe is known as “Caramel Cafe”. The cafe is as sweet as its name suggests and literally a girl’s dream-come-true with the quaintest furniture and decor. Definitely an ideal place for afternoon tea and girlish tête-à-tête!

There is no food menu – the selection of salad/sandwich/mains is written on the blackboard and there were about 10 choices with very reasonable price tag. The desserts deserve thumbs-up though!


Japanese Goma style spaghetti with chicken (S$13.50): Very light and simple dish. Ordinary.


Green Tea Azuki (left) and Citrus (Right) cupcakes (S$3.90 each). Miss Glitzy loves both cupcakes! Although expensive, these exquisite cupcakes were good stuff with the cream neither overpowering nor hopelessly sweet. Miss Glitzy is drooling now while browsing their cupcake collection on the blog.


Bread Pudding (S$5.90).  Miss Glitzy is a fan of bread pudding. Maybe that’s why she thinks she is beginning to look like a bread pudding. Anyway Caramel’s version is a tad different from the usual. The pudding is slightly harder and less creamy. It’s like a slice of Nonya kueh with a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream and loads of vanilla sauce and raisins! While the dessert deviates from the usual soft and lumpy texture, Miss Glitzy likes this new interpretation.


Chocolate Banana cake (S$5.90). This looks like decadent indulgence but surprisingly, the chocolate layer was not heavy or sinful. The banana layer was quite thin but blended well with the chocolate cake. Miss Glitzy thinks that even peeps who hate bananas are gonna love this!

On the whole, Miss Glitzy would love to head back to Caramel for tea and cakes again! There was a group of young folks having a birthday party there and it looked fun! Miss Glitzy gonna shortlist this place for cozy party, gathering.. maybe a book club meeting?

Hairloom & Caramel
100 Beach Road

#01-50/52 Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702

Tel: 62952188

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Totally blissed out with 6 scoops of ice-cream from The Daily Scoop.

The durian flavour is to-die-for. It tasted like the real thing with generous bits of durian and you can finish the whole scoop without getting sick of the taste. 1 scoop for $3.00, 2 scoops for $5.20. The store doesn’t have price package for 3 scoops – probably because the bowl can only fill 2!

The Daily Scoop
41 Sunset Way, #01-04 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071
Tel: (+65) 6463 3365
Email: icecream@thedailyscoop.com.sg

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