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June is my favourite month of the year and I am truly sad to see it breeze past. A couple of brands announced collaboration during the month and at the later part of June, we started seeing Fall/Winter collection previews streaming in. Honestly, the weather is sweltering hot that I can’t envision anything beyond jersey, silk and bright colours for now!

And here’s what you missed on my Facebook Fan Page in June!

[26 June 2012] Say hi to the world’s first all diamond ring.. a whopping 150 carat… PS: tomorrow’s blog post shall be about diamonds too, stay tuned! [link]

I am not sure who will wear a 150 carat diamond ring out in broad daylight but here is the link for those who are interested to find out more about this one-of-its-kind jewellery piece!


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It’s the time of the year where everything is pink and lovey-dovey. While I am certain that most of the readers of MsGlitzy.com are female, I am not sure how many male readers we have out there. Nonetheless, I am going to write a series of gift guides for Valentine’s Day which I hope will benefit both the gentlemen and the ladies. Perhaps the girls can do a better job to “hint hint” what we want from the men this year!

We ladies are like magpies because we like things that are shiny. Hence, a sure-win formula is to get her a stunning piece of jewellery!

1. For the Men with a Budget – GoldHeart Lovelle and Pink Blossom Collection


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We all love jewellery for how they add the critical finishing touch to our outfits. As much as we love collecting unique pieces that exude our personality, there are 5 key pieces every girl should have in her jewellery box, which like a black leather bag, will never go out of style.

Image: Weheartit


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