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In the hot and humid climate like Singapore, many of us yearn for longer wearing foundation without the risk of excessive clogged pores – as if the sebum that our skin produces is not enough to stuff the pores already.

This summer, Dior launched a sebum-control, long-wearing foundation compact known as Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Compact Powder. Oil control and extreme wear – sounds familiar? Indeed, Maquillage launched a similar product about the same time and I have reviewed their product previously.


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I am bursting with excitement about my upcoming summer vacation. There are so many things that I want to buy and pack into my luggage for my trip end of this month!


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The azure and emerald shades are gathering a lot of heat this summer season. Here are all the different shades and products that you can use for your peepers!


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With summer season fast approaching – beauty launches are getting heated up again. Be prepared to witness an avalanche of new nail polishes and lip glosses this summer.

This post shall be a quickie post on two new nail shades – one set from Dior and another for Guerlain.


Dior Samba Summer Nail Duo.

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Thanks to the invitation from Dior, I had the opportunity recently to get a little makeover from Galvin Lin, Dior Pro-Team Makeup Artist from Shanghai.


The makeover was at the Dior Addict pop-up booth in Paragon Atrium.

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I can’t decide whether I am a matte or gloss girl – I am referring to the lips, by the way. And I can’t quite tell whether matte or glossy lips are in the vogue this Spring Summer.

Dior clearly thinks that the latter is the way to go, given that they had reformulated their iconic Dior Addict Gloss and launched 24 new colours all together!


(from left) 553 Princess, 216 Beige Songe, 433 Delice

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I was going through my makeup collection, which has evidently ballooned over the last few years due to my alternative blogging “career”. I found possibly one of my oldest makeup items- a grand 8-year old – and I thought it would be fun to share little stories behind some of the cosmetics I own.


So, this post will be about my current blush collection. I believe I had more blush powders in my stash originally but I guess I had either finished a couple of the products and placed some of them in my office pouch or travel bag.

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